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Learn to curb those cruel food cravings

Food cravings. We’ve all had them at one time or another. I’m not talking about the pregnancy tuna and chocolate pizza type but rather your straightforward hankering for a big plate of pasta, chips or the sweetness of chocolate. When the cravings begin, it’s hard to say ‘no’ your body – and bang goes your...
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Healthy snacks to help you stay focused

Like every women I am always trying to stay in shape. Being a female entrepreneur makes it difficult to have a balanced diet all the time. With long hours of work, our diet is not our first priority. I have realised that diet is very important to keep energy during work, maintain motivation and be...
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Is there too much on your plate? | Weight loss without dieting with Maryon Stewart

The seventh installment of Maryon Stewart’s weight loss guide is about portion sizes and controlling your intake. Recent government figures show that as a nation we are fatter than ever before and this means a good proportion of us are eating more than is good for our health. According to a survey carried out by...
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Let’s hear it for the sprout! A low calorie guide to Christmas

In the run up to Christmas it’s easy to descend into a negative mind set about the calorific challenge of the season. December can seem like a non-stop test of willpower – you’re hoping to fit into that fabulous outfit at New Year but you’re being offered food treats wherever you turn, and opportunities to...
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Balance your life retreat with Raw Horizons | Carolyn Pearson

It’s early Sunday evening as I drive into the North Yorkshire Village of Bagby. The birds are singing and chilled out cats trot across the lanes as I pass the picturesque village church and up to Split Farthing Hall beyond. On the passenger seat lays a recently devoured family pack of pick and mix, save...
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Summer Love | The Reshape Coach Blog

Most of us know the importance of being fully prepared to embrace the new “Summer Body” journey… and this journey starts from within. SO here are some top tips to get your body, mind and soul invigorated, refreshed, reshaped and feeling ALIVE in time for the Summer holidays so that you can be confident and...
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Kick Start Your Summer with a Fitness Bootcamp

As summer is now upon us, more and more of us are starting to up our game when it comes to working out. Trying to be healthier and more active during the summer months has a vast range of benefits and can help to improve our mental, emotional and physical health. Whilst going for a...
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Will your Christmas come too early?

In early November last year I walked into a Costa Coffee shop and was offered samples of their new Christmas menu – seven weeks before Christmas.  Our local café has already started selling mince pies and a friend of mine has her office Christmas lunch booked in for December 4th. And that’s the problem with...
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