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Always stylish in this seasons spring trends

Enjoy a 20% discount on personal shopping and styling services with ‘WATC’. With lighter mornings and evenings it finally feels like spring is just around the corner. Time to think about putting warm woolly layers and coats into storage and breaking out your spring wardrobe. Magazines and labels are currently promoting all the new spring...
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What to wear for a job interview

As humans we believe what we see, we make subconscious decisions and judgements about people in just a few seconds – especially in an interview situation so what you wear is vital to how the interviewer sees you. What to do Research the company’s dress code – match their style of dress but even if...
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Does My Confidence Look Big in This? How Clothes Can Affect Our Behaviour

Mandy Lehto investigates…. Batman and Buzz Lightyear were on their way home from the pub.  On the way home, they see a 20-man punch up going on in a chip shop.  And as superheroes do, they stop and take care of business faster than you can say, ‘ketchup or vinegar?’ Has our black-caped friend got a new...
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