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Marie Claire Edit featured

Marie Claire launches Marie Claire Edit shopping platform, bringing to life the influential women behind the fashion

Marie Claire UK, the premium fashion and beauty magazine brand published by TI Media, has launched a unique, first-in-class online fashion aggregator platform: Marie Claire Edit. Designed and built in house within TI Media, Marie Claire Edit brings to life the influential women behind Marie Claire fashion whilst providing brands with new native and social...
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International Women's Day featured

Inspiring quotes from 14 of history’s most influential women

For thousands of years, men dominated the history books and women were forgotten. While most influential women were overlooked by the history scribes, every so often a woman came along who no one could ignore. Now when we look back through history, we can see an abundance of powerful female figures who positively changed the...
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Extraordinary Women Leaders of History

Leadership is an extraordinary human quality, and leadership in the face of adversity is inspirational. Women have traditionally been side-lined throughout history, however, there are several extraordinary women who have broken the mould and become leaders in their respective fields. In the field of science one of the most well-known names is that of Madame...
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