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Vulnerability or Victim Behaviour? Why vulnerability can progress your leadership role and victim behaviour can stunt it

Despite what most people believe, vulnerability is a sign of strength and if you doubt this then you may not properly understand what it means to be vulnerable. When a leader shows vulnerability, they have accepted failure and progressed to a point where they can emotionally regulate their fear and sadness chemicals. Conversely, putting on...
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Does your company culture align with your values? Three steps to get your values back on track

Most organisations like to talk about their values, with designated sections on the company site that eagerly preach about the company ethos. Company leaders are also the first to tell prospective clients and new employees about their ‘kindness culture’ and ‘environmental awareness’ – but how much of this actually aligns with the company’s actions? Do...
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How do you effectively manage your boss?

John McLachlan and Karen Meager How do you interact with your boss? Do you even think about it? Taking the time and making the effort to manage your boss is the key to a successful career, not to mention a much easier and enjoyable working week. When you manage your boss, you will be able...
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