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Is stress causing you to comfort eat? | Weight loss without dieting with Maryon Stewart

In the fourth installment of Maryon Stewart’s weight loss series, she looks at stress and the effect is has on our bodies. Do you ever pace around and find yourself eating more chocolate snacks or generally grazing as a comfort while distracted by your stresses? When stress becomes distressful we often lose our resolve to...
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Healthy fast food | Weight loss without dieting with Maryon Stewart

In the third part of Maryon Stewart’s series on weight loss, she discusses healthy fast food and junk food swaps that will aid your diet. When we talk about living on a fast food diet most of us automatically think of America and their menus of shakes, fries and hamburgers. Understandably the US has been...
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The only way to get in shape this year

As women, we have juicing fasts, fad diets and general quick fixes thrown in our faces ever day of the week. Almost every magazine cover promises ’10 pounds of weight loss in 4 weeks’ or ‘drop 7 pounds in our one week juice cleanse’. I guess this stuff sells magazines. But what it doesn’t do...
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Dieting makes you fat | Weight loss without dieting with Maryon Stewart

Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Overindulged in the festive season and wanting to feel more energetic and healthy? Or are you just sick of faddy diets that aren’t working? Whatever it may be, our series with Maryon Stewart holds the answers. Starting with this introductory article, each week we will feature her...
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