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Retreating from the world – an idea for stressed business women

A human being is made up of mind, body and spirit and according to two of my friends, my spirit level is low. I’m a practical person. Give me flour and I will make bread without thinking about where the flour came from and other similar deep thoughts. I needed to find my spirituality they...
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The under-rated power of the apology

(Pity Amber Rudd didn’t read this last week!) I learned to say sorry the hard way. It was my first big job – editor of an independent women’s magazine given away in SPAR grocery shops (look we all have to start somewhere!). I organised a competition and the prizes were a collection of about 12...
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Future Leaders

Seven reasons for women to take the lead | Life of a Lady

“I believe women should take the lead in all countries – maybe a little safer” – The Dalai Lama I describe myself not as a feminist but as an equalist. I’ve long maintained there has never been a glass ceiling, only a lack of confidence to crack it. Things are changing now and quite fast...
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Navigating the minefield of office politics

Office politics are the tactics people use to gain advantage. Whether you hate it, admire it, practice it or avoid it, office politics is a fact of life in any company. And, like it or not, it’s something you need to understand and if you can, work with. (If I’d been more savvy about the...
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A three letter word can help your business | Life of a Lady

I have many business-savvy networkers and one of them, Jane Hirst, develops a company’s potential by writing and facilitating workshops to meet customers’ specific needs. She has introduced me to two important things, one is a word and the other a person. The word is: yet (of which more later) The second is the work...
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Less chat, more listening could reap business rewards | Life of a Lady

One of my networkers, Jayne Constantinis has given me food for thought at the beginning of this new year. She asks, “What is the most important offering we can make for 2018?  Should it be the gift of silence? Or to put it another way – listening?” Jayne has introduced me to Celeste Headlee’s book...
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Are you comfortable calling out inappropriate behaviour?

How do you think your organisation would respond if you raised an issue around inappropriate behaviour? Would you have the confidence to call it out if it happened to you or you witnessed it?  What would you do if a colleague told you they had been subjected to harassment? These questions are timely as we’ve read...
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Lady Vals proffessional womens

A network lunch in moving pictures | Life of a Lady

Over 12 years, this network has connected hundreds of business women to help each other with contacts, knowledge and advice. It also has a strong motivational role as guest speakers are selected to energise and inspire, giving you nuggets to help your business. Our after-lunch free workshop has facilitators who don’t want you to sit...
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