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Harvard Business Review says ‘Network More is bad advice for women’ – I say NONSENSE!

I hate to get into a fight with the mighty Harvard Business Review but they have published a load of codswallop, albeit in the USA. Sarah Green writes that well-meaning people giving advice to businesswomen about how to get ahead, put networking top of the list. And research has found that men’s connections were better...
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Networking, chatworking, vacancy for non-execs and help improve the health of the nation!

Thank you for responding to my plea for early booking as I will be in Cape Town for much of April for my niece’s wedding. For those still deciding, I invite you to join like-minded business executives who are collaborative, helping with contacts, problems and advice (attracted by our motto, above). You might make friends...
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How to give yourself a quick performance review

By Jinny Ditzler How do you respond if someone asks how you’re doing? May its anything from… ‘Fine’ to ‘could be busier’ or to ‘never been so busy’ …. … depending on your mood, confidence level, and the person you’re talking with. And that’s as far as most of us get to taking stock about...
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Four questions I am often asked and a joke

What are the benefits of a gender-led network for women in business? For savvy businesswomen today, networking can be a vital business tool. And women’s networks seem to be more effective, maybe because – as I was told once – men-only groups combine so much testosterone and competitiveness, they leave the collegiate spirit behind. An effective...
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Forge ahead in 2015 by networking the right way … | Lady Val

… but what if you’re shy … or introvert or hate networking? Here are some tips that work: I started my networking group eight years ago with 30 women. Last month we had 87. Back then there were precious few women-only networks. Now there are dozens. So you have quite a choice.  And the best of...
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Can you build business confidence? Yes, definitely – but you have to want to | Life of a Lady

I continually meet top calibre women who are waiting for the knock on the door from the No-Talent Police who say: “You’ve been found out.” To which they are likely to reply: “What took you so long?” This attitude holds you back. To get to where you long to, you must have confidence in your...
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Introducing Lady Val our Life of a Lady Blogger

My Loife and Toimes I was born in Cape Town in the Stone Age and wanted to be a journalist in Fleet Street from the age of 12 when someone told me me their job was to ask questions. Getting paid for asking questions seemed like a good deal. But I had to raise the...
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