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The under-rated power of the apology

(Pity Amber Rudd didn’t read this last week!) I learned to say sorry the hard way. It was my first big job – editor of an independent women’s magazine given away in SPAR grocery shops (look we all have to start somewhere!). I organised a competition and the prizes were a collection of about 12...
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Less chat, more listening could reap business rewards | Life of a Lady

One of my networkers, Jayne Constantinis has given me food for thought at the beginning of this new year. She asks, “What is the most important offering we can make for 2018?  Should it be the gift of silence? Or to put it another way – listening?” Jayne has introduced me to Celeste Headlee’s book...
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Mars, Venus or Earth: do we need to mind the gender communication gap?

Business women who attend my professional women’s lunches come from a diverse range of professions, ages and experience. But they all have something in common: they subscribe to our motto – “there’s a special place in hell for any woman who doesn’t help another woman”. From time to time they send me articles to draw...
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Sharing good news | Life of a Lady blog

It’s not every day that you get news so sublime you simply can’t believe it.  That’s what happened to me recently and I’d like to share it with you. Most readers of my blogs probably don’t realise that a donation of £10 from every booking of my professional women’s network lunches funds the network’s charity,...
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Hollywood star Emma Stone can’t get her voice heard – can you?

“That’s an excellent suggestion, Miss Triggs Perhaps one of the men here would like to make it.” Every time I think women are getting their share of the workplace goodies I realise we’re still living in La La Land. What’s caught me up short are comments by two women: actress Emma Stone and one of...
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Blonde woman holding her hands up to her mouth looking scared

Kim Kardashian: Learn how to cope with scary moments

The executive women who attend my lunches all subscribe (at least I hope they do) to my motto: “There’s a special place in hell for any woman who doesn’t help another woman.”  I pinched the quote from Madeline Albright, a former American politician. “I’ve altered your quote,” said one of my networkers. “My version is:...
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Government Funding Available Now For Your England Based Small Business | Life of a Lady

Find what funding schemes for which you qualify. I make no excuse for pasting this information from a government website because I know many savvy business women who are unaware of these opportunities. And I am sure the funders will look particularly kindly on women who want some business financial help. Click here. Choose from...
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Life of a Lady - equal pay

Robin Wright follows Jennifer Lawrence and plays her (House of) cards for equal pay | Life of a Lady

Robin Wright has a hair style I would kill for but I don’t have the same cheek bones so haven’t bothered my hairdresser. It’s not the only thing for which I admire her. In the hugely popular political thriller House of Cards, Robin plays steely First Lady Claire Underwood, wife and co-conspirator of President Frank...
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