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Retreating from the world – an idea for stressed business women

A human being is made up of mind, body and spirit and according to two of my friends, my spirit level is low. I’m a practical person. Give me flour and I will make bread without thinking about where the flour came from and other similar deep thoughts. I needed to find my spirituality they...
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Future Leaders

Seven reasons for women to take the lead | Life of a Lady

“I believe women should take the lead in all countries – maybe a little safer” – The Dalai Lama I describe myself not as a feminist but as an equalist. I’ve long maintained there has never been a glass ceiling, only a lack of confidence to crack it. Things are changing now and quite fast...
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Lady Vals proffessional womens

A three letter word can help your business | Life of a Lady

I have many business-savvy networkers and one of them, Jane Hirst, develops a company’s potential by writing and facilitating workshops to meet customers’ specific needs. She has introduced me to two important things, one is a word and the other a person. The word is: yet (of which more later) The second is the work...
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Lady Vals proffessional womens

A network lunch in moving pictures | Life of a Lady

Over 12 years, this network has connected hundreds of business women to help each other with contacts, knowledge and advice. It also has a strong motivational role as guest speakers are selected to energise and inspire, giving you nuggets to help your business. Our after-lunch free workshop has facilitators who don’t want you to sit...
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Lady Val's Professional Network Sign

Lady Val Corbett’s networking, lunch and free workshop

Join Lady Val Corbett for networking, lunch and a free workshop with speakers Jules Chappell OBE and facilitator Rebecca Stephens, MBE. The event features speaker Jules Chappell OBE, on the future of activism in a pussy-grabbing world. It also features a free workshop with Rebecca Stephens, director of a leadership development company. Her topic is...
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Business Fashion

Do you look the business? | Life of a Lady

It’s unfair that women in the workplace are often judged (and quite harshly) by their appearance while men totally escape this scrutiny. Our new Prime Minister is a case in point – when she met German Chancellor Angela Merkel their clothes merited quite a lot of attention, as did Mrs May’s shoes. A male presenter...
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Allington castle - Charity Fundraiser (F)

Charity Fundraiser | Life of a Lady

I dislike the concept of Ladies Who Lunch so my events have always had a charitable function. Over 10 years we’ve raised over £60,000 for youth unemployment and currently prisoner rehabilitation. The fundraiser on August 13 is for the Robin Corbett Award which awards prize money annually to two small charities who do the most...
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November 19 was a special day in my life. It was the tenth anniversary of my women’s network. And it was celebrated with a terrific party attended by 100 top calibre business women in conversations with Cherie Blair. Our 10th birthday lunch was exactly what I hoped it would be – inspirational, fun, relaxed and...
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