Maeve McLoughlin
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Making the jump – don’t let age stop you changing your career

By Maeve McLoughlin, Development Assistant Producer, Stellify Media I wasn’t one of these people who had planned out a career map and followed it. If anything, I had wandered from job to job, opportunity to opportunity. Always landing on my feet, but never really hitting the heights of success, or incurring any financial security. My...
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Maeve McLaughlin featured

Inspirational Woman: Maeve McLoughlin | Development AP, Stellify Media

Maeve McLoughlin studied a Masters in TV production at the University of Chester in the mid 2000s, but with a recession in play at that time, jobs within the media industry were scarce, and hard to come by. She began to carve out a career within the fitness and health industry. After ten years Maeve...
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