International mens day

International Men’s Day: November 19 | A day to improve gender relations and promote unity

International Men’s Day focuses on improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, producing responsible males and highlighting positive male role models. It also looks at addressing issues such as parenting, positive male role models, families and healthy life choices for men. The inaugural International Men’s Day was held in Trinidad and Tobago on November 19 in...
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Positions of power in every sector of society are dominated by men

Positions of power in every sector of society are dominated by men, according to new research. Through its new Sex and Power Index, the Fawcett Society has revealed the extent of male-dominated power positions in 2018. The Index reveals that women make up just six per cent of FTSE 100 CEOs; 16.7 per cent of...
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Are women better at multi-tasking than men?

I don’t know how many times I have heard someone say that women are better at multi-tasking than men. Usually it comes up when the topic comes to how women seem to juggle multiple household chores, while their man can only focus thing one thing like watching sport on TV. This belief springs from traditional...
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Eight ways web-based meetings can level up your recruitment game

Life on the other side of the gender coin: Let’s talk men

I’m pretty lucky – in my line of work when I tell people what I do, it immediately opens up a dialogue where even complete strangers seem extraordinarily honest in sharing their story.  (This is in comparison to my accountant husband who seems to be on the opposite end of this spectrum – I have...
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International Women’s Day: It’s not just for women

In the fight for equality, more men should be involved in the conversation. After all, they are half of the equation. International Women’s Day is the perfect time for you to start championing the women in your life and joining the fight for gender equality. Each year International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March...
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Men are the ‘missing ingredient’ in changing workplace cultures

Men are the ‘missing ingredient’ when it comes to changing workplace cultures and attitudes, according to a new report. The Collaborating with Men study, released by Cambridge University’s Murray Edwards College, found that men were the key to promoting and establishing a change in workplace cultures to become more inclusive of women. Within the research,...
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The Gender Report | Ditch The Label

Are You Masc or Fem? What does it mean to be masculine? What makes somebody feminine? Is it possible to not identify as being either? These are some of the questions uncovered by The Gender Report 2016. Comparing international data, the report explores the ways in which young people are enabled and disabled by gender...
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Should men always pay on a first date?

“Should men pay on the first date? Well, I suppose it all depends on the date. If you’ve been seeing them awhile, fine. But if it’s some random internet thing it’s ok to go halves.” This was my response to my colleague Jess’s straightforward, lunchtime question. And she didn’t like it. There was something uncouth...
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