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I love Valentine’s Day – Plate Spinner Blog

I love Valentine’s Day. It is the day when, along with every other couple in the land, you can reaffirm your undying love for your partner. You can shower them with beautiful gifts and offer up cards with heart-felt and intimate verse… No. It’s no good. I can’t keep up the pretence any longer. I...
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Mothering Frights Blog shortlisted for UK Funniest Blog by our very own Plate Spinner Blogger

Mothering Frights Blog,  also written by WeAreTheCity’s very own Plate Spinner blogger, has been shortlisted for UK Funniest Blog. The competition for the UK’s Funniest Blog is run by The Dogs Doodahs. Show your support and vote for Mothering Frights here: http://www.thedogsdoodahs.com/funny-blogs-2014.aspx   Read the funny Abigail Nash Plate spinner Blog here.
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I feel sick – Plate Spinner

“I feel sick, mummy.” Four words that strike fear into my heart and send a chill to my to-do list. It is Tuesday, and the boys are due into nursery. But the eldest has flopped onto our bed just as I am trying to trick my brain into believing that six hours sleep with one...
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A nice chat with the stapler – Plate Spinner Blog

There are many downsides to working by yourself and running your own business – like never being absolutely sure where your next client might come from, no IT department and your Christmas parties. (Boy, is it hard to get into the festive spirit when it is just you, a single party popper and an individually...
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Networking – Plate Spinner Blog

As the owner of a small business, with a tiny marketing budget (you know, the “hmmm, shall I buy a new filing cabinet or place an advert?” kind of size) there came a point a few years ago when I realised that staring at the phone and willing it to ring was not perhaps the...
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The Many Hats of Abigail Nash – Plate Spinner Blog

I thought I was pretty good at multi tasking. You know, sitting in the office, talking to someone on the phone, wandering to the kitchen to nibble on a Digestive, checking a couple of emails and sending a reply, being mindful to tap quietly so the person on the phone can’t hear. Because there is...
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