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Progressing your career through your network

By Juliet Eccleston,co-founder of talent crowdsourcing platform, AnyGood? Despite the constant talk about equality, statistics show that women still remain vastly underrepresented in top roles across the business world. Figures from 2017 showed that in the UK, female professionals held only 12 per cent of jobs paying £150,000 or more.  It’s clear that traditional routes...
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Out of the box ways to take the next step up the career ladder

Picture the scene. You’ve enjoyed a satisfying career to date, taking regular promotions and achieving success in your chosen field. But you’re an ambitious individual and want to push as high as you can, rather than settling for what you have. You’ve set your sights on stepping up to the next level, and that means...
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Can you enjoy your job more and be even more successful?

It is the time of year when we look back at the year that has passed and take stock of what we have achieved. But it is also a time when many of us focus on what we would like to achieve in the year ahead. Whether you have your own business or you are...
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Diversity Might Be Your Ticket To A New Job

If you want a job, finding one might take more than sending out as many resumes as you can, checking the help wanted ads, or applying to companies you admire. There are ways to network for a career you may have never thought of, and diversity might be your ticket to a new job. In...
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7 Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Confidence and Accelerate Your Success in 2015

Self-confidence is a topic I get asked to speak about a lot, particularly with my female clients. Research shows that women often under-estimate our intelligence; play small out of fear of being judged; and many of us also suffer from “perfectionism”. Whatever the reason, most people I work with would like more genuine self-confidence because...
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