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Zoe McNulty body image featured

Why we struggle with body image

Let me introduce myself. My name is Zoe McNulty and I’m the Headmistress of School of Strut, “the sassiest school in the STRUTosphere” where we help women (not exclusively) to feel fabulous regardless of shape or size, through the medium of dance and I’ve been asked to write a few words about why we struggle...
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Why it is so important to believe in yourself

In believing in ourselves everything and anything is possible. In believing in ourselves we can reach far out and make our dreams reality. In believing in ourselves nothing becomes difficult. Yes, the word ‘believe’ is quite important in our vocabulary. Perhaps to become and be more aware what vocabulary we are using for ourselves, how...
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Why is self-confidence attractive?

Attractiveness is more than just a pretty face. Yet, we usually give our physical appearance most gravity when deciding whether or not we are attractive. Women tend to keep a close eye on their weight; they spend on average £36,000 on hair care over their lifetime. Men think about their stature, physique and hairline. We...
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7 Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Confidence and Accelerate Your Success in 2015

Self-confidence is a topic I get asked to speak about a lot, particularly with my female clients. Research shows that women often under-estimate our intelligence; play small out of fear of being judged; and many of us also suffer from “perfectionism”. Whatever the reason, most people I work with would like more genuine self-confidence because...
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Why women need to ditch the taboo and start self-promoting

By Frances Dickens, chief executive and co-founder Astus Group and finalist in 2014 NatWest everywoman awards You could say my company, media barter specialists Astus Group, was founded on self-promotion. Just to give you some background, media barter is a business process that allows advertisers to buy the media they want by paying partly in...
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Coach: Beautifying Life

If you’re looking for a new coach Beautifying Life dedicated to coaching women to strive to live the life they truly desire and to achieve success in whatever form they so wish. Beautifying Life is currently running coaching programmes on self confidence, motivation, career guidance, achieving and setting goals and health and wellbeing. Beautifying Life...
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