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WeAreFutureLeaders Speaker Spotlight: Cara de Lange

WeAreTheCity speaks to Cara de Lange, Wellbeing mentor, speaker and author of Softer Success. Cara is also one of the keynote speakers at our upcoming WeAreFutureLeaders conference on 24 May. Cara de Lange is an international wellbeing mentor, author and speaker. She runs workshops and talks focusing on relieving stress and changing people’s mindset to...
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How to Change your Mindset to Prevent Burnout | Cara de Lange

Cara de Lange is the founder of Softer Success – How to Change your Mindset to Prevent Burnout and learn to Be more Gentle with Yourself. Helping clients create a more harmonious, peaceful and productive life. She runs workshops and gives talks that focus on relieving stress, overwhelm and how to prevent burnout. She shares...
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