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Decode Your career success

A successful career is the key to every individual’s happiness and, whether we accept it or not, it is directly linked to their monetary well-being. However, do you know what exactly is needed to shape your career for success – how shall you decode career success. By the time you all read this – most...
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Take a break: Five travel ideas for the summer ahead

Travel is all about relaxing and having fun in new destinations, but it’s also about the chance to break-free from our everyday lives. A holiday should be one your annual highlights, so put in a little thought and make this year’s destination one to remember. You still have time to obtain cheap holidays before the...
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That Quarter-Life Crisis

We all know that the average number of careers that a person has is seven, and that number is on the up. If we assume a 40 year career, then that means every six years it’s time to shift. I’m way ahead of that game. I started out as an IT professional, with a brand...
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We can do it in broken heels!

Ladies, we can do it it broken heels,” but do we really need to? Isn’t it time to let go of the “girls versus boys: attitude and enter into a more elegant, synergistic collaboration of male and feminine strengths? Earlier this year I was privileged to co-host my first seminar, with the fabulous Susie Mitchell...
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