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Should politics be in the school curriculum?

In a recent meeting held at WeAreTheCity HQ we voiced our opinions on the politics and discovered that the younger team members were oblivious to the subject. We then debated on whether politics should be taught at a younger age in school or even become a GCSE in its own right. We have gathered opinions...
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Teaching Phone Etiquette to Teens

Remember when phone etiquette simply referred to the rules regarding answering the home phone? Now that most people, including teens, have their own cell phones, phone etiquette has a whole new meaning. It includes courteously using a phone to talk, text and enjoy the other features of today’s smart phones. Here are some rules to...
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How to Know When Your Teen is Ready to Date

When you bring a child into the world, your ultimate goal is to help them eventually become independent adults. As they take small steps towards that independence with every passing year, it can be difficult to determine when they’re truly ready for more grown-up responsibilities like navigating the dating world. Watching your baby go off...
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