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Six wellbeing habits for successful people

”We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action but a habit.” – Aristotle Our lives often revolve around habits. The morning coffee, the conference call, and even the social media addiction help to define our day. In the midst of these busy routines, it is crucial we also take time to develop...
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Bad habits – and how to hammer them

I’m 99% sure that none of you reading this article today can happily declare right now that you’ve no bad habits. If you happen to be in that other 1%, either you’re been doing a lot of work on yourself – or self-delusion is one of them. In other words, if you’ve a bad habit...
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Learn to love your body

These days it’s fair to say that the great majority of us are critical about our own bodies (as well as, to be honest, a whole myriad of other things about ourselves). Getting back to the body though, the debate about ‘photo-shopped perfect female bodies, skin etc’ in magazines has been played out for years,...
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