How to get a good work life balance (F)

Work and life in your executive position

Does the work-life balance seem like a myth to you? Are you the Executive director of an international company or are you one of the growing crowd of mumpreneurs? A recent rumour has been suggesting that women can’t have it all, but we think this is wrong. Especially when you consider that the current CEO...
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pillow talk

Use pillow talk at work

Engage as you explain It’s so easy to lose your message, your audience – their attention and their trust by using ‘weasel’ words; by using ‘gobbledeegook’ if you will – and it’s everywhere, like an epidemic. With the pace of information being shared, the cultures which must be crossed and included within our messages, and...
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Which personality traits will get you ahead at work?

According to our recent research, 94.2% of the nation’s workers believer that there are key personality traits which make a person more likable in the workplace, with 86.6% believing that being likable can you get you further ahead in your career. There’s always a mix of personalities in the workplace, but it is interesting to...
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How to get a good work life balance (F)

How to make sure work doesn’t take over your life

For many of us, 2016 seemed to just rush past in a whirl. If only we had more time to do all the things that really matter! What happened to spending more time with friends and family, finally learning that language or going to the gym? Yet often work leaves us with little time and...
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Graduates want more opportunities

The British Army have conducted research into the Graduate workforce and have concluded that less than half of graduates feel their job lives up to their expectations. The Graduate workforce’s ‘wish list’ comprises of wanting more opportunities from their roles, 61% wanting to earn a good salary, and by doing something that makes them proud....
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Women Team

How to increase your value, be recognised and move to the next level in your company…

Firstly, everyone has an invisible sign above their head, which says, “Recognize me and make me feel important” whether you are an office junior or a CEO. I feel that only too often we can feel unacknowledged for our hard work, effort and dedication that we all put into our careers. I’m sure we’ve all...
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NRD logo

Happy National Receptionist Day!

National Receptionists’ Day was first launched in 1991 in the US to celebrate the role of professional receptionists and is a special day to recognise and appreciate all the things that receptionists do for an organisation. The purpose of National Receptionists’ Day is to: Increase recognition of the importance of the receptionists’ role. They are...
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Women on Computer

Achieving balance as a business owner

Running your own business can take over your entire life if you let it, but achieving balance is not only essential for the health of your body and mind but also for the health of your business. You can be too involved in a business, sometimes meaning that you lose site of the bigger picture....
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