Take 2 – Online Dating

The whole experience of using online dating to choose the possible possibilities is exciting and also very nerve racking! You begin to question if the guys that you would like to meet would reciprocate your interest;  you want to put your best foot forward (as you would do in the traditional sense) but then you also don’t want to  reveal too much of your self to total strangers, again as you would do in the traditional sense;  you also wonder if the profile is indeed and truly  a reflection of the actual person, but then and again, you get that in the traditional sense until a sense of trust is established.  There is also of course, the need to consider the technique and style of writing because you’re not communicating face to face with this guy which makes it even more different and we all know that the conversations can get Lost in Translation.

These things make the whole process a little bit different and maybe exciting, if we take a different angle

My ‘strategy’ if you can call is as such,  is to move the conversation onto a face to face meeting as soon and as quickly as possible. Sure I want to move on quickly but also there is a danger of developing a ‘relationship’ with a fictitious person online, a fantasy which may cause more harm than the excitement that we all hope for. For as normal as we are, we all tend to create connections when we identify common grounds but sadly these expressions may be as fictitious as 007 interlaced with more heroics that a girl could ever take in a lifetime!   So to avoid any huge disappointments, I find great relief in moving my conversations on to the traditional front as quickly as possible, which brought me to arranging the first meet up with the first guy that matched closely with my ideal. Which by the way, is proving to be a nightmare!!

Sorry to disappoint

As I always expect from a guy, he called me to arrange the first meet up so that was a plus in his direction which, I really liked and respected. But then agreeing to an actual time for a catch up was a bit of a challenge. He wanted to meet up in the evening where as I strongly feel that for the first meet, an afternoon coffee catch up would serve the purpose!  Cautious yes! you bet I am! but if you really think about it, at this stage, I know nothing, zilch, about this guy! And so although he seems good on paper, the fact that he was sticking to an evening catch up instead of an afternoon or late afternoon catch up sent alarm bells ringing in my mind.. We just had to end the call on a non committal note, which is to say that no date and time was agreed between us!

Is he a time waster, genuinely unavailable during the daytime or I am being overly cautious?

I’ve discovered a number of cool first meet up places that I would like to share with you next week! Stay tuned!! My guess is you’re going to need them too

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