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Focused on quality, not quantity, the planning tool from Personal Boardroom shows you how to work out who can best help you develop your career and how to manage your network to achieve your business goals.

We’ve all heard of mentors and sponsors. But Personal Boardroom encourages you to think more specifically about 6-12 people who can play more targeted and focused roles. So who is it in your personal boardroom that will strengthen your resolve? Give you expert advice about your market and clients? Give you access to resources? Connect you to others? Inspire fresh ideas?

The planning tool that will help you build the network you need to succeed!

The best way to discover this is to try it. Most people go through it rapidly the first time around, taking no more than 5 minutes. Once that is done, you will be sent a report that will help you pinpoint gaps in your network and identify people who might be useful members of your personal boardroom. You can come back whenever you like and have another go, experiment with different combinations of people, and generate as many reports as you like, as often as you like.

Registration is free but only until the end of March! So please do get signing up at my.personalboardroom.com using the code Talent2015.

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