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There’s always a lesson (and a teacher) if you look

It’s easy isn’t it; to associate being taught and having teachers to being at school? And who wants to think of themselves at school all their life and yet, in reality, we are. I know I am.

Someone once said to me “Kay, every day’s a school day” and on some level it’s true. Now whilst you might not have enjoyed your school days and so this idea would be horrifying, it’s more about the act of learning and of continuing to learn; of being the student.

Even the most grim, tough situations teach us so much. Even the most selfish, bitchy or plain bullying kind of person also teaches us so much. Not always easy to see but so worthwhile to do.

Think about these few quick questions for a second.

– What situation do you know you really struggled with?
– What strengths did you have to develop to handle it?
– How has it changed you?
– Who else played a key part in this situation?
– What did they teach you?

Even when I reflect on my Mum dying suddenly when I was 40, I learned so much from what happened, how I responded, who came forward to help me, who couldn’t bear to speak with me as it was too embarrassing or uncomfortable for them – to name just a few lessons.

Being so ill when I was 16 and being forever changed by the operations and chemo. Who supported my parents, how my parents behaved, how I had to ‘grow up’ by being on an adults’ ward and the myriad of lessons which unconsciously were taught to me. They’re lessons I take with me, everywhere. Still.

That’s my point: you get to choose if a situation teaches you something. You get to choose if a person and their behaviour teaches you something too. That gives you the power to always take something, however small it might feel, from a situation. Take it, and then, when you’re ready, pass it on.

As for the great situations, where things are all in flow and go your way – well there are just as many lessons in there too. Just as many teachers for you too.

I always say “You teach as you share” and if you share the lessons you’ve learned – sometimes the hardest way – you become someone else’s teacher, often remembered forever.

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