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newlogoincstrapline500Redefining Life exists to help executives create ambitious careers that are satisfying and sustainable so you can aim high knowing you have the skills to deliver incredible value and be well rewarded, while living a well-balanced life (however you define it). An executive coach with a corporate background (spanning Hasbro Toys & Games, The Walt Disney Company and Universal Pictures)I specialise in helping executives to combine career success with sustainability.

I work with clients to redefine ‘success’, leaving behind the assumptions and expectations of others and the limiting beliefs and restrictive habits you’ve developed which unconsciously – or consciously – hold you back. We’ll create a full, honest and authentic definition of success, so you’ll know what you’re aiming for, why it matters and how to tell when you slip off course.

We’ll work on building assertiveness, confidence, personal effectiveness and resilience and look for ways to achieve quantum leaps in your career rather than following the traditional course others take. We’ll set out well-defined guidelines for what you want to achieve through the coaching process and get clarity on how you’ll recognise the progress you’re making. As we craft a career plan and working style that closely fits your new definition of success, boundaryless bosses, demanding clients, difficult teams and exhausting workloads will become manageable again. Your career will thrive and work life balance will become a reality rather than a dream that’s gathering dust.

If you’re ready to create a career that feels full, healthy, rewarding and successful, I’m ready to help you. Ready to get a taste of coaching and a plan you can action immediately? You can get full details and book a consultation session at the special WATC members’ fee here. Curious but need to know more first? I understand. Book a time to talk with me here and I’ll happily answer your questions.

Your Prime Locations: London based, I coach clients around the world via Skype & phone.

Website: www.RedefiningLifecoaching.com

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