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Lauren RileyOk so this episode was a combination of two of my favourite parts of The Apprentice. The abroad part and the scavenger hunt. Essentially the task is the most simple. Find everything on the list for the cheapest price. The team that doesn’t gets penalised. The penalty is £50 plus the retail price of the items. The most obvious thing to me would therefore be to secure the most expensive items first, with the idea if you run out of time you will incur less penalties. It is surprising how often you run out of time in TV land while carting an 8 man production crew per team around with you. Anyway no one seemed to cotton onto that as a strategy.

A nice amount of tension was being displayed among the girls.

They kept the boys Vs girls format, obviously a production decision based on the fact a nice amount of tension was being displayed among the girls.

Long story short, lack of organisation on the girls team and some hasty decisions cost them. One thing that’s key in business is planning particularly when it comes to logistics. I realise its a high pressured situation and time wasn’t on their side but a deep breath and some more thought would probably have stood them in better stead.

The boys team celebrated heavily at every deal, it would have been highly embarrassing had they not won. But they did and convincingly too.

Dingy BoatNow one controversy in this episode for me was the rubber dingy vs the real dingy. Now I think the boys team used their initiative and it paid off Lord Sugar praised them in the boardroom. However I see no distinction between that and the skeletongate scenario that saw Felipe fired in 2014. Just proof that if your card is pre marked you are gone, in my opinion.

I have to admit I was much more engaged by this episode, dare I even say slightly enjoyed it. You are starting to see peoples characters come out now; the good and the bad.

Elle got some respect from me this task, she didn’t do everything right but she owned that. The problem for her is she’s young and doesn’t seem to be able to inspire the confidence of her team mates and for that reason I don’t think she will make it all the way.

Josef’s ‘pretty ladies in France’ comment would have earned him an earful from me if I was in ear shot. However I think he’s the sort of cheeky chappy Lord Sugar will see something of himself in (even if he doesn’t someone will definitely use that line) and he will provide entertainment which all too much is the BBCs primary objective.

Gary and Charlene each secured a good deal, its not about standing out the loudest but consistently contributing so they are doing well so far.

Jenny who was fired this week had to go, not necessarily for the performance in the task. There were a few that could have gone on that basis. It was the claim that she would to better by herself than with the team, shortly followed by failure to deliver that sealed her fate.

Its hard to work out if Selina is being picked on or really isn’t pleasant like her team mates say. One aside she made right at the end seemed to suggest we were going to find out pretty soon.

Anyway for more of my options, head over to my YouTube channel where I post my video reviews. Excuse the poor quality of this one. I really wanted to get it out ASAP.

Things are hotting up which I’m pleased about I was starting think id have to read the paper the next day and blog about that as the first two episodes were rather dull.

By Lauren Riley

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