The Art of Bouquet Making

A bouquet is a beautiful thing; a thoughtful and tasteful combination of various colors and flower types into one organized unit. The giving of a well-made bouquet is a very sincere gesture and is appropriate for multiple situations. Of course all the usual holidays apply; Valentine’s day, anniversaries, Mother’s day, baby showers. But perhaps the most powerful flowers are those given in times of illness or stress; flowers for a sick colleague in the hospital, or to a friend who lost a pet. So the most accurate answer to the question “what goes into a bouquet” is simply thought.

The job of the florist is then to evoke an emotion using flowers as a medium, like an artist. For Valentine’s Day, the florist has to try and show the love of the person who bought the flowers to the person receiving them by carefully arranging the desired colors and flowers. This is no easy task, and the difference between a hastily made arrangement and a lovingly made one is always quite noticeable. It can be hard to decide what bouquet you want to choose for someone, but always remember to go back to basic color symbology if you are having trouble deciding; blue and greens are healthy colors, pastel colors are much more delicate, and white is always pure.

The most popular use of bouquets is in weddings, where the tradition of the bride throwing the bouquet to one lucky person has become a ritual. There are some important things you need to do when choosing who will make your bouquet; look for a quality establishment, make sure they aren’t charging excessively, and look at their prior work. Any flower place worth their salt will have examples or a portfolio to show you on what to choose.

The message in all this is that a bouquet is a physical manifestation of whatever message the person wants to send with it, usually one of caring and love (although I’m sure a bouquet of tumbleweed and dead things could manage to send a different kind of message), so choose it carefully and have someone who knows what they are doing make it.

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