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I was absolutely delighted to interview Sarah Arrow for an amazing “The Art of Storytelling Podcast”, where she shared some amazing stories.

Sarah is an expert at online marketing and in particular, blogging. She shared with me (and the podcast audience) the reason WHY she started blogging. In true Sarah style, she told me the story of WHY and HOW she got into blogging. This was to save her family company, when she was on maternity leave, with a baby and toddler. Listen to the podcast. She only discovered blogging by accident. Within three weeks, the phone started ringing and potential clients got in touch.


Sarah is proof that storytelling is a powerful way to engage with your audience. My favourite part of the podcast (and it is REALLY GOOD SO DO LISTEN) is when she demonstrated how to engage with me: Susan; adding some little details that she knew would whet my appetite. She could imagine me switching on my iPad, going to the Netflix icon and watching the latest ‘The Good Wife’ episode! Listen to the podcast Of course if I liked football or  had any other interest, she could embed those details to particularly engage her ideal customer.

One point she did make – and she made loads, was that you still need to have quality content for other people to read (or in the case of speeches or podcasts speak). There are many people that say “This is what I do; this is my brand”. But think of your audience: you can still be entertaining and educating them, even if those people aren’t our ideal customer.

The podcast finishes with three top tips for using storytelling. This doesn’t just apply for when you write blogs, but this technique could be used within interviews; podcasts, VLOGs, pitching for funding. The list is endless. The fact is that storytelling, if done well and if it is relevant to the audience (rather than a shaggy dog story) is a compelling way to hook your audience in and for them to be interested in you.Listen to the podcast

If you are interested in finding out more about Sarah Arrow’s company Sarkemedia including her incredible 30 day blogging challenge (I recommend this!) Go to her website

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