The Aspire Foundation: International Women’s Day Trailblazing Leadership

Aspire LogoPlease join us next week for International Women’s Day with women from around the world and our partners, Women for Women International, the global charity that empowers women survivors of war, The Guardian Newspaper – Women in Leadership and The Mara Foundation, a social enterprise that works to create sustainable economic and business development opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs globally.

The Aspire Foundation, non-profit sister organisation of award-winning women’s leadership consultancy, Aspire, has already positively impacted the lives of 1 million women and girls in 80 countries since 2010 and as part of our new ‘MAD’ goal to make a difference to 1 billion women by 2020, you are invited to attend one of our free Aspire ‘Trailblazing Leadership’ online events to celebrate the leadership that women contribute around the world and to empower the one billion women in both developing and industrialised nations, who over the next decade will take their place in the global economy as consumers, producers, employees and entrepreneurs.

“I am already applying and seeing results. I’m being bolder because of Aspire, and I want to trailblaze, or rather I WILL trailblaze! Thank you, and the team, for absolutely everything. I look forward to living my journey in the moment and taking others on it with me. Totally empowered!” – Gemma Adams, Corporate Partnerships, NSPCC

Join us to:
  • Gain practical tools and ideas to be a more trailblazing leader and achieve your biggest aspirations for life, work and the world.
  • Think bigger, vision even bigger and go for it – how to overcome obstacles and fear.
  • Realise that being yourself and ‘MAD’ i.e. standing out and wanting to make a difference is fundamental to success.
  • Be inspired by like-minded women leaders and increase the visibility of inspiring women around the world.
  • Evolve your skills as an intrapreneur (entrepreneurial mindset inside your organisation), entrepreneur (within your own business) or altrupreneur (in a charity or social business).
  • Learn how to stand your ground and have a voice at the leadership table at any age, level or background.
  • Be an authentic and real role model for the next generation: how to empower and support the women and men following in your footsteps.
  • Network and share best practice among women globally.

“I just wanted to say how brilliant I thought the Aspire event was. I took so much from it and am excited about the next step for me. Thanks for your inspiration, motivation and energy.” – Laura Stead, Advertising Manager, BMW Group

Register HERE (We have dates and times to suit as many countries as we can).

Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: A complimentary invitation.

Location: Online from your computer anywhere. You will be able to see a live video web cast, view a presentation, ask questions and interact with your fellow participants online. (We won’t be able to see you). Please note that the event can only be accessed from a PC or Mac, not from an iPad or iPhone, and there is no dial in option. The event will be recorded so you will be able to watch again.

Please ‘pay it forward’ and pass on this invitation to women you know around the world who might like to attend this event too – encourage them to also pay it forward and help us make a difference to as many women as possible for International Women’s Day! Please also feel free to share this on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn.

We look forward to you and your friends and colleagues joining us!

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