The benefits of investing in the woman’s workforce

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As a female in business its lovely to be asked to write about the benefits of investing in the female workforce.

It’s not that I think women are any better than men (well just a bit!) but we certainly have different attributes to offer. The saying ‘women are from Venus men are from Mars’ is quite true women’s brains certainly work differently to a mans but it’s good to have a different way of thinking and together around a board room table men and women make a great team.

Numbers show that women now hold about 16.9% of boardroom seats globally, not exactly balanced but the good news is that’s it’s on the rise and here’s some of the advantages of employing women:

  1. Women show more empathy and professionals who work as a team with women are more likely to improve their work.
  2. Women leaders often check if their employees are ok and talk through any problems they may have, leading to a happy workforce.
  3. Women are great communicators and are able to express their feelings better than men leading to a strong connection.
  4. Women have more organizational skills and so can increase productivity.
  5. Woman are good at multitasking and this makes them more flexible and able to get that home work life balance in hand.
  6. There’s nothing like a woman’s touch that’s because women are said to have a strong intuition and are more likely to express passion for their tasks than men.
  7. What was once perceived as irrational and sensitive emotions is actually a strong intuition and emotional intelligence this sensitivity can be great when negotiating as women can have a better understanding of unspoken words!
  8. There’s often more than one way to read a story, and woman look at things from every angle trying to understand where the other person is coming from.
  9. Women value relationships and try to bring a different perspective on the uniqueness of each individual, this makes employees feel more valued.
  10. Women are less aggressive than men and are very good at handling potential tensions and complex situations so coming up with a solution quickly or being able to avoid a disaster before it happens.
  11. Women want their team members to succeed and will continually offer maximum encouragement which benefits the company.
  12. Women are great analysers and take time to read any situation so leading to a positive outcome.
  13. They are much better at decoding non-verbal cues so able to plan ahead what to do or not to do next.
  14. As natural home makers women are extremely proficient transferring these skills into an office environment making sure everything runs like clockwork.
  15. Women’s social skills are spot on and so arranging teams bonding activities can range from bowling to crafting to flying!
  16. There are many areas still considered to be a ‘man’s world’ but women now represent a majority in professional careers around the world particularly in the accounting sector where in Europe women make up around two thirds of people working in finance this could be due to their excellent analytical skills.
  17. Studies show that women are likely to be more cautious with money being thrifty with office expenses and researching their investment choices.
  18. Burnout has been a steady problem especially during lockdown, working from home has often meant working longer, later hours and with other household members so close unwanted interruptions have been inevitable. Yet although a woman’s hormone fluctuations can make her more prone to anxiety and mood changes, the many years of experience learning how to cope can be beneficial to all by knowing when to take time out and teaching the household her skills in relaxation techniques such as such as yoga.
  19. It’s been said that a woman’s senses are stronger than a man’s which are a positive in industries such as food and beauty.

Saying all this, men also have many attributes just different but as this feature is about women those words shall be saved for another time, in a nutshell whilst men are more grounded and so likely to make quick a decision and take risks a woman’s Karen J Gerrardempathy and compassion will bring out the best of any situation.

About the author

Karen J Gerrard is a leading female entrepreneur. She is the founder of


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