The benefits of leadership development programmes & how to craft a strong application

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Warwick Business School’s Business Development Manager, Penny Triantafillou, shares the benefits of studying for an Executive Diploma and her top tips for a successful application.

Penny TriantafilloIn our daily conversations with executives and business professionals around the globe, from my native Canada to Barbados to the UAE, people tell us why they wish to embark on an Executive Diploma journey for their continued professional development.

The Executive Diplomas are short, part-time leadership development programmes that provide a deep dive focus on organisational agility, strategic leadership, digital leadership, strategy and innovation, marketing and behavioural science.

Here is why previous students have joined our programmes:

  1. Stand out to current and potential employers

By studying this Masters-level qualification, from a highly ranked business school, participants believe that they will gain the knowledge and expertise they need to walk away feeling more confident, with a deep understanding of their subject area. They also want to be able to implement what they learn and make an impact in their organisation. They see the benefits of this course in both their career and day-to-day life. Read Michelle’s story.

  1. Gain an updated skill set

Many believe they need to invest in themselves; they cannot be complacent or stop learning. This is the case if people are considering career progression or even a career transition. There is a need to demonstrate crucial leadership skills by enhancing both their knowledge and skillset to “stay in the game.” Existing ways of thinking and doing things are increasingly becoming stale and outdated so upskilling themselves is a way to both broaden their mind and expand their career. Read Katherine’s blog.

  1. Engage with a wider, more useful network

This can make all the difference in the job market. Participants want to network with like-minded leaders and engage in peer-to-peer learning. Your confidence increases as you gain more expertise. When our confidence increases, so too do our ability to network effectively. This can open doors whether you wish to move up in your current company or land a new role in the same, or a different sector. Read about Malgorzata’s experience.

  1. Become better leaders

Their current roles demand that they keep their capabilities as sharp as possible in an ever-changing landscape. They want to be well-equipped to reshape their organisation and develop them by assisting in addressing key issues with relevant tools and frameworks to meet these changes. The diploma offers a dedicated, focused programme on specific topics to help them lead better and be more influential as they navigate an uncertain future. Read Kate’s story.

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Here are some top tips for a strong Executive Diploma application:

Updated CV: Make sure your CV includes a full description of your current responsibilities and significant achievements. Provide as much detail as possible to demonstrate your impact in your current and previous roles, evidenced by successes, metrics and outputs.

Two short essay questions: At WBS, we believe in the Change Maker. We’d like to find out about the changes you’ve initiated in your team/organisation and what impact these have had, as well as where you see yourself in five years. How will the Executive Diploma support your personal and professional transformation?

When answering, please provide specific examples. Don’t be modest, we want to see what you’ve already achieved and use the word “I”, not “we” when highlighting your contributions.

Scholarship statement: If you wish to apply for a scholarship, submit a statement of no more than 500 words, with examples of how you demonstrate our values of curiosity, openness, restlessness and excellence, as described on our website.

You can offer examples in which you:

  • Have sought out new knowledge and experiences and have come up with creative and innovative solutions to problems in or out of the workplace
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of diversity and its benefits, and times when you have fostered or encouraged diversity, possibly through projects, volunteer work, inclusion initiatives, and implementation of new policies
  • Shown an ongoing drive to achieve in all areas of life, and identify situations in which you have challenged the norm or status quo with successful results
  • Pursued and achieved excellence across all areas within their career and in terms of extra-curricular activities.

When making scholarship decisions, we rely on the input you provide us. Let us know what makes you stand out, and highlight how your unique background and diverse experience would benefit your peers in terms of contributing to the rich discussions.

Finally, tell us what ambassadorial duties you would carry out should you be awarded a scholarship. These could include writing blogs about your experience on the course, taking part in-group photoshoots with your cohort to be used for future brochure and website content, or joining our recruitment events to share your experience with future prospective students.

Bonus application tips:

Apply early: Our scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage you to apply as early as possible to increase your chances of securing one.

Be you: Finally, we want to know the real you in your application, what are your passions, your WHY? At WBS, we welcome those who embody our Change Maker values and have a passionate drive to make a positive difference in the world of business and beyond.

As a member of WeAreTheCity, if you successfully apply for one of Warwick Business School’s Executive Diplomas or MBA programmes, you are entitled to a 25% discount on your tuition fee.

To claim your discount or find out more about these part-time, Masters-level leadership programmes, please email [email protected]. To receive this offer, you need to be a WeAreTheCity member. Please sign up here.

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