The best day of my life part 2

Leonnie & Dad Wedding

Right now were getting to the juicy bits. So I walked down the stairs to see my Dad standing there with his mouth wide open. He didn’t tear up like I expected he just looked in shock. He held my hand and made me do a little twirl.

Soon after this I was rushed into the interview with the registrar. I won’t lie I was getting antsy at this point wanting to see Matt and I guess just excited. I was a little stressed as well because I didn’t feel perfect like I wanted. After I had finished the interview I went back out into the main hall where Serena, my dad and the wedding coordinator Sasha were waiting.

This is it girls the moment every bride dreads on their wedding day. It started to rain.

That’s when my emotions kind of clashed together and I basically freaked out. It wasn’t raining heavily just a spatter but to me it was like the end of the world. I started tearing up and shouting. It felt as though the one thing I couldn’t control came in at the last moment to ruin my day. I was completely distraught with my dad and Serena trying as hard as they could to calm me down.

After a good 10 minute melt down Serena hugged me and walked out the door to start her walk.

This was it the moment I had waited for my whole life staring me right in the eye. My heart was beating out of my chest and I could hear my blood pounding in my ears. I couldn’t catch my breath.

Sasha was trying to convince me to use an umbrella which I out right said no to at first but then I remembered my hair and make up and I had to accept as I had no choice.

So with a light spatter of rain drops I stepped towards the door arm in arm with my dad, who was carrying the white umbrella. As the music began (Just the way you are by Bruno Mars – picked by Matt) something happened I can’t even describe what it was. It was as if something took over my body, I calmed in an instant as soon as I stepped outside. I could see all our friends and family waiting and I guess something shifted inside me.

Come rain or high water I would get married this day. And what a day, the walk was just perfect.

Even with the umbrella, me and my dad laughed and smiled the whole way down. It was like floating on a cloud. Half way through the walk the rain stopped so my dad tossed aside the umbrella.

I couldn’t see Matt yet as he was behind everyone but then we walked round the corner to the last section and everything faded into the background. All I could see was my gorgeous husband to be standing waiting for me. I nearly broke down again but I managed to keep it together. I didn’t see anyone else but him.

And as you know Matt is a manly man, he’s not one to cry at sad movies, he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve but on this day I brought a tear to his eye.

His bottom lip was trembling slightly hehe – sorry Matt had to share. So when I saw him tearing up I started as did most of our guests. I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as I was at the moment. I remember mouthing the words ‘I love you’ to Matt just before I reached him and I think that made him get more emotional. I know it certainly made me cry more hehe.

My dad handed me over and we had a quick cuddle and then we walked down the boardwalk to the floating gazebo on the lake. This bit happened quite fast but looking back at the pictures all I remember is Matt and me staring up at him. He looked amazing in his suit as did all of his entourage.

We’d agreed to write our own vows.

It was a bit of a competition between me and Matt whose would be better?

I honestly thought I had it in the bag but during the wedding planning Matt kept hinting that his were good. Well when I heard them I was blown away, my tough guy of little words poured his heart out to me. I was nearly rendered speechless. If you get the chance do your own vows it’s much more personal and intimate.

Needless to say I think Matt won the vow competition, mine were good but his? He smashed it.

So it was my turn, my voice broke in a few parts but I got through it. We exchanged rings and sat down for some pictures while we signed the register. Then the fun music kicked in (signed, sealed, delivered by Stevie Wonder again picked by Matt) and we had to walk back down the boardwalk. I was so happy I started singing and dancing my way down.

It was like a dream everything I had envisioned and more. Even with the rain it was perfect to me. I wouldn’t change a thing.

We were then whisked away by the photographer for some photos which I thoroughly enjoyed but left Matt really wanting a beer and rubbing his cheeks where he had to smile so much. This bit was so much fun for me because during the photos we kept running into everyone and it was lovely because you’re just surrounded by all this love and joy. Everyone was laughing and smiling.

I love having my photo taken but it does feel at times like you’re not being fair to your guests. However we didn’t opt for a videographer so the photos were super important to us so that we captured the day. John was amazing, I didn’t feel pressured at all and he handled everyone really well. It’s not easy getting everyone together for group shots especially when you have as many people as I had to be included but he pulled it off superbly. He got every shot I wanted.

After all the photos and a bit of mingling it was time to enter the Marquee. I couldn’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they saw the decorations. And they went down a storm. I made a few of my family cry when they saw the collage picture and of course all the kids were excited about the sweet table.

Me and Matt greeted everyone as they took their places and I was so hyper I had a permanent smile on my face.

The next installment will be the speeches and the party. Don’t miss this because my Dad’s speech has to go down in history as one of the funniest I’ve ever heard.

Photos Curtesy of Pureimagephotography.

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