The best day of my life part 3 – Speeches

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Well here we are ladies nearly at the end of my incredible journey. We’ve had tears tantrums and a whole heap of drama but its been amazing.

So we took our places at the head table among friends and family. I couldn’t wait for the food because I knew my favourite was coming – Lamb. Our caterer, Valentine Cuisine, were amazing. Here’s the menu we had – yummy:-


Fanned Galia Melon dressed with juicy bay Prawns & Marie Rose Sauce
Two Fans of Galia Melon dressed with Tangy Forest Fruits Marinated In a Ruby Port Syrup


Roast Whole Rump of English Lamb Topped With a Herb Garden Crust with a Redcurrant & Rosemary Jus
Wild Mushroom Strudel with Spinach and Goats Cheese Served on a Tomato and Coriander Sauce Served with a Melange of Vegetables & Sautee Potatoes


Strawberry Shortcake layered with Strawberries & Fresh Cream with a Wild Berry Coulis

Matt doesn’t eat Lamb so him and his brother the best man had Fillet Steak Portobello Mushroom Caramelised Garlic, Carrots & Shallots. He said it was stunning and perfectly cooked.

I thought the starter alone was gorgeous BUT, the lamb was something special, everyone was raving about it. It was the best cooked lamb I’d ever eaten.

The herb crust was to die for.

So many of our guests asked for the recipe but of course the chef has to keep them top-secret.

After the meal we got down to the Speeches. Now I have to tell you this before I dive right in. We had 6 speeches at our wedding. The line-up was My Dad, Matt’s Mum, Dan (best Man), My mum, My brother Ben and Matt. My brother and mum opted to wing it but my mum did have a plan in her head of what she wanted to say she just didn’t write it down.

I had spent quite a while with my dad helping him to write the perfect speech….. this was not what he read.

On the day he was very emotional and it all began well but then he completely deviated from the speech I had carefully written. During the speech he decided to start from the beginning when I was born.

He called me a ‘thing’ to my guests while trying to describe how I wasn’t the prettiest baby.

Baby MeHe then got really wound up because he thought I was perfect but a few people commented saying I was ugly. He used the word vex about 50 times during this part of the speech which had us all in stitches. He was saying how he would take on the world to defend me and stood by his word that I was a beautiful baby. As you can see ladies I was not the prettiest baby, it shames me to share this with you but for the sake of honesty here’s my baby pic hehe.

My dads speech had me in shock as well as in tears of laughter and I was really proud at the end of it. When he had finished it was Matt’s mums turn. She took to the stage with a very carefully planned speech/poem. She even brought out an array of props and memorabilia from Matt’s child hood. One of which was a DVD of the cartoon series Thundercats which had all of our guests cheering. Her speech was heartfelt and funny.

Then it was the best man’s turn. I was a little nervous about this one but he smashed it. It was funny and he even brought out a pic of Matt in school dressed up as one of the ugly sisters from Cinderella which he generously shared with everyone to Matt’s horror.

My mum went next and told a story about a fairy princess finding her prince. It was brilliant as I am always saying I am a fairy you just can’t see my wings.

Then my older brother Ben went who is a natural-born entertainer. He is always the life and soul of the party, easily speaking in crowns. However on this occasion he was only able to utter one word to me before both of us were crying. It was hysterical.

Then Matt’s turn. As you know Matt won the Vow competition. I was a bit wounded I won’t lie but I took it on the chin. I should have realised when I heard his vows how amazing his speech was going to be. He completely rocked the house. He made jokes as well as a few tender-hearted comments. During his speech I remember looking up at this gorgeous man who was now all mine.

He made me proud to be called his wife.

After the speeches and a few cups of coffee it was party time.

Check out the next blog coming soon for all the juicy details about the party as well as a little video hehe.

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