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Wedding DJ Leonnie & Matt wedding party footage from Terry Lewis on Vimeo.

So here we are the end of the most incredible day of my life. It was everything I had ever dreamed of and more. When I look back on that day I nearly shed a tear every time. It was simply magical.

After the teas and coffees were cleared away the DJ started his set. I was so hyper by this point I couldn’t wait to hit the dance floor but it was time for the night shots. John our photographer had specifically explained to us how important it was to time it just right otherwise the photos we wanted so badly wouldn’t be possible.

So off me and matt went with the photographer. My little brother Josh came along to help because at this point it was raining quite heavily. We hadn’t noticed it before because we were tucked up warm in the marquee but it was really coming down. My poor dress which was dragging on the floor was getting heavier and heavier. But as promised John spent some time with us accompanied by Josh to get us the night shots. I hope you agree they are pretty special, the blue of the sky is stunning.

Then it was dress change time.

I know most women think wearing one dress on the day is really important but in my view the practicality of it is that it’s simply not comfortable specially as the bottom was soaking wet and muddy. The dress was heavy to begin with but add the rain I could hardly walk properly with it on.

I grabbed mum and off we ran to the main house. Meanwhile our evening guests had started arriving and Matt was playing the host. In the house I breathed a huge sigh of relief when the dress finally came off.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE that dress but I couldn’t wait to feel a bit of freedom.

When my mum put the shorter one on I was so happy and hyper I rushed her to tie the back. I knew from the moment the satin brushed my skin and I could feel cool air on my legs it was the right choice for me.

Me and mum walked to the marquee where we were bombarded with guests coming up to us. Everyone seemed in shock. It was really funny as most of our guests thought I had just taken off the skirt of the main long dress not realising it was a completely different dress.

No one saw it coming except the select few who knew. I felt like a movie star walking the red carpet. The dress fit like a glove.

Next we cut the cake and then it was our first dance as husband and wife. We choose ‘Amazed’ by Boyz II men. It is such a beautiful song and will always hold a special place in my heart now. Matt and I decided we wanted to have the whole dance to ourselves so no guests joined us. It was one of the rare moments we got to spend together. We were both a bit tipsy by then so we were singing and laughing.

It was a magical moment the marque was transformed by the fairy lights. It was as if we were the only two people there. I never wanted to let Matt go, he looked so handsome I found it hard looking at him hehe.

During the dance I remember looking up and seeing my brother Ben’s face, he looked so proud it made me tear up. I rushed over to him when we’d finished dancing to give him a big hug.

After this the party really started. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

Me and matt had another secret up our sleeves hehe.

So one night we were at home watching a film. Hitch with Will Smith. For those of you who have seen it you may remember the last scene at the end as the credits are rolling where they do a soul train. It was about 2-3 weeks before the wedding and I said to Matt we should do that at the wedding. He grinned back at me letting the idea take shape.

I stood up grooving away to the song trying to convince him and in the end he said yeah let’s do it.

So we told our fantastic DJ and he thought it was a cracking idea. The plan was to do our special signal when we were ready. No one knew it was coming but my oh my did they all join in. It was an absolute hit. With things like this you never know if people are going to join in or if its going to fall a bit flat – well not with our guests. They all boogied their way down that soul train like pros. Everyone was gathered in two lines facing each other, they were clapping singing and dancing it was brilliant.

After this I stayed on the dance floor as our amazing DJ played some of our favourite songs. The BBQ came and went in a blur, I think I had one bit of a hot dog and I was back on the dance floor. There was one particular moment I remember which was walking to the bar. Where I stood and watched my brothers (Ben and Josh), Matt and our close family friend Newman. They were all drinking Courvoisier, singing and having a guy moment. It made me grin, I didn’t interrupt I just stood and watched as my new husband was formerly welcomed into their wolf pack.

He was now one of them hehe.

So we danced the night away to everything from R n B to rock and Garage. We had all the kids on the floor as well as the adults dancing away. Our DJ Terry Lewis, who won the Essex Wedding Award – DJ of the Year 2012, was absolutely amazing. He made the evening so special, I kept looking over to him making a heart sign in the air and he did it right back. Me and Matt could not have picked a better DJ. Check out the 2 min clip of our night captured by Terry, an added bonus we didn’t expect – thank you Terry 🙂 I’ll apologise for my drunken antics now hahaha!

The evening unfortunately had to end but we were all on such a high it was an incredible day. We got in the car to go home and spent the rest of the night reading all our thank you cards and looking at our gifts. We had asked for people to help us towards spending money for the honeymoon and my god was everyone generous. We were blown away with what we received and seriously cannot thank everyone enough.

I’d like to thank everyone who made our day the most amazing, incredible day we could ever have hoped for. You all rock hehe!

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2 Responses
  1. Leonnie,
    From the bottom of my heart I am so glad you and Matt had such a beautiful experience. It was an honour to play for you both. You put on a wedding that I will never forget and your footage makes me smile every time I see it. It was a fantastic night full of fantastic people.

    Take care xx

    Terry Lewis – Double Award-Winning DJ