The Best of Hawaii By Alex Bell

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With a twelve hour flight to LA, followed by an almost six hour flight to Honolulu, Hawaii is about as far away from the UK as it’s possible to get (without becoming a space tourist) – but it is supremely worth it.  From the second you step out of the airport and smell that incredible air blowing straight in from the Pacific, you know you’ve arrived somewhere really special.
Best Beach

Hawaii 2It’s impossible to talk about Hawaii without mentioning its beaches. Not only are they clean and beautiful, but they’re also surprisingly quiet – perhaps because there are just so many of them on Oahu. And having a paradise of a tropical beach all to yourself is a delight that a sun-starved English person never forgets. But Turtle Beach deserves a special mention for the fact that the turtles really do come right up onto the sand and it’s thrilling to see them in their natural environment.

Best Cocktail Bar

Oahu has plenty of stunning scenery but it also has a thriving nightlife for those that want it. Waikiki is a bustling cosmopolitan city with lots to see and do. My favourite cocktail bar was Tiki’s Grill & Bar, located just off Kuhio Beach. Here you can relax in their lanai seating area (a kind of outdoor patio) and enjoy incredible views across the beach as the sun goes down and the staff light the flaming torches set around the terrace. Drinking banana flavoured Pina Coladas straight from a coconut has never tasted so good. It’s also hard not to be childishly delighted by the souvenir Tiki mugs.

Best Thing to Do

hawaii 3For daring souls (and those who don’t mind really early starts), swimming with sharks three miles off the coast of the North Shore is something you won’t forget in a hurry. Aside from the thrill of the swim itself, the boat trip out is a fantastic experience all of its own. Not only do you get some wonderful views of the North Shore from the water but you often get to see dolphins, turtles and whales along the way.

Hawaii 4Hawaii takes marine conservation very seriously, and the boats aren’t allowed to get too close to the whales (we later learned that the reason the short-lived ferry service between the islands was discontinued was because the ferries sometimes hit whales). As with the turtles on Turtle Beach, seeing these animals in their natural environment is something really special.

Best Gift to Bring Home

This is an easy one. Biscuits from the Honolulu Cookie Company – gourmet shortbread cut into pineapple shapes and dipped in dark chocolate.

Be warned, though – they are so absurdly delicious – and addictive – that it can be difficult to actually part with them once home.

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