The best type of training for fat loss

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There are so many magazines and websites telling you how to train. In my opinion, and that’s all it is, is that when you remove all the fancy equipment and extravagant new fitness classes, is that it all comes down to Functional Training.

Doing Functional Training is the most fun and effective way to lose unwanted body fat. It is about training your body in the same way that it is designed to work in life by using the whole body as one unit. Doing exercises that mimic daily activities like walking, sitting, standing and jumping.

Here’s a perfect example… If I said that an 80-year-old woman and a professional body builder should be practicing the same exercises, you would probably think I was mad. But it’s true.
To be competition fit, a bodybuilder will need to practice his squats; the same movements that will help an elderly woman bend down safely to pick up the keys she has just dropped at her front door. In both cases it’s the same action and muscles that need to function, just a VERY different load to be carried.

Move, be healthy, and be happy.

The even better news for you is that not only does training in this way make your body safer and more effective, but by using those big muscles in your back, butt and legs as they are meant to be used – you will
be firing them up to burn more fat.

We are constantly being reminded that today’s sedentary computer based lifestyle is taking us further away from being as active as we are designed to be. Incorporating functional work into your exercise regime, moving your body in multiple directions and using many muscle groups at one time is the most efficient way to counteract the phenomenon of our sit down culture.
And if this is not enough motivation, Functional Training activates and targets the core muscles, abdomen and lower back, giving you better balance, stability, and decreasing your risk of injury in sport and in life.

Move, be healthy, and be happy.

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