The Calm before the Storm

I don’t know if you go through this too, but after you part ways with someone, be it a friend, date, parent, sibling, lover, and the list goes on…  there is always a sense of .. now what?!!! The feeling is not so much as sadness (especially when you feel that you are achieved or learnt something from the whole experience) neither is it a sense of loss, – at least not in my case, but it is more like a laissez faire kinda mood!!

The girls obviously know what I am going through right now so as a pick me up, we headed out for a great night out after work yesterday!! Talk about the most busiest night to let your hair down, we went to one of my favourite areas in the City. You can just imagine it right now.. Girl of my type deserve to be seen in certain places only . And I most certainly wasn’t disappointed! The atmosphere was charged, fully charged with excitement, men and women all chattering away in an animated fashion, as it usually happens !! . We managed to get a seat at a very focal point, very very close to the bar, with me facing the main entrance, right head on..I must say though that the decision wasn’t conscious at all.. It just happened that way. But come to think of it, now that there is a spot in the pool available for other suitable options, I think making a conscious decision on where to sit and stand in a busy bar like the one we went to is nothing but a wise decision. After all, our way of choosing the right guy needs to be thoughtful, strategic and pursued with purpose!

So after going through a couple glasses of the sweet golden liquid, wink wink….the animation in my own conversations went up by 10 notches I guess It wasn’t long before this guy walked right up to me with a swag and confidence that surely was overflowing in his cup, and whispered in my ear how gorgeous he thought I looked! Now you know how much thought I put into the initial selection process right?!! If he was anything close to the selection criteria, he would have been a potential candidate but sadly he didn’t show the first qualities that I look for… So I just thanked him and he walked off… Am I being too choosy? I don’t really think so?!!! Reality is why waste time with someone that you know is not going to make the cut further down the line… Some say, well you have to give things a chance, but the thing is, if I put you in the no no circle, then it’s a no no.. but then and again, it’s always good to review the rejected pool as the rejected may become the cornerstone!!! A butterfly starts off as a caterpillar, at which stage, it’s not the most gorgeous thing to look at, so there!! But I guess the point that I am trying to make here is that I have grown and come to know through experience that sometimes, there is no point to pursue a cause when there’s no interest! Thus, the Journey model..

So anyhow, as the evening wore on, and as more and more people flooded into this busy bar, I turned to catch the attention of a waiter going by, only to gaze straight into the eyes of a potential suitor, standing next to the waiter!! Talk about the Mcconaughey effect?!!! I was taken back 3 full steps!! But you know the rules, I never initiate conversation, no matter what! I just  smile, which would be a signal for a suitable potential to engage, but never initiate the conversation. To me the initiation signals that I am chasing the guy.. This is the 21st century, yes, but the chasing is for the guy, not for a cool cute lady like me And I love it when they chase… So there!!

But he came in too late, because after that brief unspoken encounter, which I surely did enjoy very well, the girls and I had to leave.. Now the girls encouraged me to give him my card but oooh noo…’s still chasing……we know better by  now right?!!

Oooh I didn’t go looking but it sure feels like the calm before the storm……

I love you for reading and sharing

-Wise Girl

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