The Crucial Dos and Don’ts of Choosing A Coach

ULucinda Harlowevolve careers coach Lucinda Harlow gives you the skinny on getting the most out of that first meeting with a potential coach

So you want some careers coaching. You have a shortlist. Now you’re meeting them to find out which coach is perfect for you. Here’s the foolproof checklist you need to find your perfect match.

  • Don’t rely on doing it electronically. Email and texting are fine for setting up a proper conversation, but if someone can’t even talk to you on the phone, ask yourself why?
  • Do ask about their experience in coaching someone with your goals and at your career stage.
  • Don’t be fazed if you are asked challenging questions. Feeling a bit ‘put on the spot’ by a coach is actually a good sign.
  • Don’t be blinded by science. Was CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) on your mindmap? No? Then don’t get suckered into paying more to have it.
  • Do ask them to summarise what it is they think you are looking for. This shows whether they have been listening to you properly.
  • Don’t ignore your gut instinct. There is plenty of research to support listening to your instincts, especially on a first meeting. You’re picking up on lots of non-verbal clues to whether you are a good match. So if there’s something about a coach that puts you on edge, or something uncomfortable you can’t put your finger on, trust that.
  • Do stick to your budget and cut your cloth to the amount of cash you can spare. It’s a budget for a reason, so never pay more than the coaching is worth to you. I’ve given more tips on getting great coaching on a budget here. 

Lucinda Harlow specialises in career coaching.  Her particular area of expertise is centered on the development of individuals to enhance or expand performance.

With a strong corporate background, Lucinda has worked at a senior level with a series of investment houses and blue chip companies in the City and West End. Having built a strong coaching practice Lucinda is in demand for one-to-one coaching and professional presentations and as an expert voice in media interviews.

Lucinda Harlow

Executive Coach

Tel: 0208 408 1008

Mob: 07958 943607

email: [email protected]  

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About the author

Lucinda is an Executive and Corporate Coach. You can reach Lucinda on: uevolve, LinkedIn, Twitter
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