The Firefly, 18 Old Bailey (nrst Station/Tube St Pauls)

The Firefly, 18 Old Bailey (nrst Station/Tube St Pauls)

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Firefly family they started off 4 years ago by opening their first bar on Clapham Common in South London. It proved to be a great success with its cozy atmosphere and welcoming staff, so they opened a sister bar in nearby Balham.  They have always strived for their  bars to be a place people can come to and relax, whether it is over a bottle of wine with friends or dancing the night away to great tunes.   The Firefly City opened her doors in November 2006 and they have had their  hands full ever since. Taking a bit of Clapham, adding a bit of all their bars and a lot of creative and positive attitudes, we have managed to keep that local feel- with the buzzy city edge to it.  Food is prepared by  Tasmanian head chef Eddie Vinney and is amazing.  From business lunches to after work drinks and food, private parties, weddings and late night entertainment with live music and dancing, Firefly provides a new meaning to going out in the City.

The Firefly, 18, Old Bailey
London, EC4M 7EP
T: 020 7248 5085

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