The gender pensions gap – can it be closed? | Pensions Policy Institute

Pension Policy Institute

Women in their late 50s currently have around 50 per cent less pension savings than men.

As a result of the gender savings gap, women will experience lower standards of living in retirement than men. While some changes in working and saving behaviour are likely to reduce the gap in the future, there are poten al investment and policy options which could help to reduce the gap further and ensure that women are not disadvantaged in retirement.

This Briefing Note:

  • Outlines the factors which contribute to the gap in pension savings between men and women,
  • Looks at how factors affecting the gap may change in the future,
  • Explores options for altering investment practices in order to better meet women’s needs, and
  • Explores policy options for mitigating the effects of the gap on women’s outcomes.


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