The Gift of Giving

Mr-MrsWe all know one of those couples that seem to have it all: the perfect house, the perfect jobs and the perfect lives. So when they announce that they’re finally tying the knot, what on earth are you supposed to buy them? Forget tradition! With a little bit of thought, you can find the kind of gift that proves just how well you know the happy couple. Here’s how!

The Green Couple

Passionate about nature, this couple love nothing more than doing their bit to help sustain their beautiful surroundings. If they’re a busy pair who wished they had more time to cook, look no further than an energy-saving slow cooker. However, if that seems out of your budget, crockery made from recycled glass is both beautiful and eco-friendly – as well as being available in styles and colours that compliment any kitchen. If the couple have already lived together for a while and don’t really need any kitchen utensils, why not make a charitable donation in their name to an organisation close to their heart? You could even adopt an endangered animal with the World Wildlife Fund – you’re guaranteed that no one else will have bought them a polar bear!

The Foodie Couple

Always to be found in the kitchen cooking up some culinary delights, the foodie couple pride themselves on quality and use only the finest ingredients in concocting their feasts. A hamper filled with bespoke luxury ingredients is sure to inspire the chef in them! With a few carefully selected items, these are simple to create by yourself but if you feel like you need a hand, there are plenty of stores or websites that can help you to construct the perfect array. Finish the hamper with a personalised wedding present such as two engraved wine glasses and your foodie couple will be forever thankful.

The Travelling Couple

This is the type of couple that can’t sit still for long without that urge to get out of the city and see the world becoming too strong. Knowing their love for travel, why not get them some luggage tags with their brand new names on? Or go the whole hog and order them a complete set, with bespoke passport covers and travel document holders. If they’ve got their honeymoon destination planned well in advance (more than likely with these two!) then surprise them with some cash in the local currency so that they can really treat themselves – it will certainly help them remember the holiday of a lifetime!

The Cultured Couple

The cultured couple enjoy enriching their lives with the arty side of life – anything from films to music or literature. Cater to their tastes by buying them a year’s membership to their favourite local cinema or treat them to tickets to an art exhibition that you just know is right up their street. For this extra special occasion, why not try something more unusual such as a flying lesson or a banquet dinner? The ideas on Virgin Experience Days are a great place to start.

The Gadget Couple

When it comes to the technology-loving couple, the fact is that they probably already have a pretty awesome array of the latest gadgets. It’s time to think outside the box – what accessories could you buy them for the gadgets they already own? Consider luxury cases, covers or holders! As well as smartening up their impressive collection, it means that they can carry a little piece of their big day around with them wherever they go.

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