The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women (GIFEW)

gifew-logo-3Transforming Humanity Through the Aligned Power of Extraordinary Women

At GIFEW, we awaken women to accelerate their growth and find their unique place in the world. We empower women to create their own Constellations to establish their legacy. Women in the Constellation of Extraordinary Women will find themselves living their life with purpose, passion, effectiveness and power, while making the difference to which they are committed and by which they are truly inspired.

Once you’re part of the institute, we will help you connect to a network of other women, who will support you as you grow and will collaborate with you on the projects that you love.

Is the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women for me?

The Global Institute for Extraordinary Women naturally and powerfully attracts women who are aligned with our Vision and Purpose.

  • Are you committed to a Vision bigger than yourself, your family and your local community? Or, do you want to discover this level of Vision for yourself?
  • Are you, or do you want to be, powerfully living your Purpose and creating a Legacy?
  • Is your Vision aligned with the transformation of the planet?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then the Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is definitely for you.

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About Global Institute for Extraordinary Women

Global Institute for Extraordinary Women is a space—both virtual and physical—for women to meet and be empowered in such a way that they develop and apply their insight in the Constellation of Extraordinary Women. This is designed in alignment with the geometry that operates powerfully and harmoniously in nature and specifically in the Atlantic Rainforest, one of the biggest biodiversity on Earth.

This geometry refers to the precise, optimal positioning of each individual woman in the Constellation, which both enhances and optimises the individual woman’s power as well as the power of the whole Constellation. When, as part of the Constellation of Extraordinary Women, we are aligned with the geometry of the rainforest, we vibrate our purpose in the world. This causes the highest level of convergence, collaboration and co-creation, and the highest level of effectiveness and power in fulfilling our purpose and establishing our legacy.

Modelling Atlantic Rainforest geometry represents a radical shift from an ‘either/or’, competitive, win-lose paradigm of to a new paradigm of ‘both/and’—collaboration, co- operation and synergy: the new culture.

The moment this geometry is in place, it opens a new gateway through which the new culture will be established.

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