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The Fitness Whisperer

Fitness should never be boring.

Bored with your fitness routine?
Not sure that you are doing the right workout to achieve your fitness goals?
Are you getting aches and pains?
Keep reading and you will find out why I am the “Fitness Whisperer” and how I can help you.

 Welcome to my 2nd video on We are the City. This is the gut buster!!!!! It’s amazing and I guarantee you will love it. Let me know how you get on and remember to tweet me @gavinsunshine and you can check us out DaleyFitness

I have known Daley since I was 10 years old.  He was my idol, my friend and now we are launching this brand together. I have also competed for Great Britain and I still hold the British Commonwealth and European Junior Record for Heptathlon.  I was also a former Gladiator in the Shine TV Show Gladiators.

I am very blessed with my wife and four children aged 16, 8, 7 and 5.  They are my inspiration every day.  As a father I know how great children are. I have had three clients who were told that they could not have children and I worked with them to get pre pregnancy fit and they fell pregnant. I am not claiming I am a pregnancy guru although getting fit helped them to their children.  I also work with people who have Cerebral Palsy, MS and Strokes.  Helping clients who have suffered with illness and getting them back to strength is incredibly rewarding for my clients and for myself.

At DaleyFitness we offer a specific service, which is customer focused and based around an individual’s needs and wants.  We always adapt our training methods fit your needs and wants without jeopardising your income and lifestyle.

As the “Fitness Whisperer” I will be doing regular blogs and introducing you to all sorts of things in the Fitness world.

Motivation is the biggest tool required and there is no amount of education, training or qualification that can beat the eye of a perfectionist.  I have various techniques of  training and I will push you to your limit and maybe just a smudge past that!

Here is a sample of something that you will find me teaching and I am sure that you will enjoy! Why not put your time in below and see how you do.

The Fitness Whisperer


Watch the first installment of the Fitness Whisperer’s blog here.

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