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Yes Ladies, it’s time to tell you what I got up to at my hen do. So to kick things off you need to know a few things. I was pretty strict on what I wanted, no strippers, no willy straws and no party tasks asking me to kiss random men. You may think well that’s a bit boring but it’s just not me.

I had two locations in mind, Cambridge or Oxford, but decided to go for Oxford in the end as the hotel looked much nicer. I looked on GoHen and picked one of the packages that included a night in the hotel, use of the spa facilities (swimming pool, sauna etc), one choice of class (I chose Burlesque) and VIP entry into the Lola Cocktail bar. I used good old Facebook to invite everyone and then my bridesmaid Lesley booked with GoHen.

I’ll skip the boring bits like driving and get to the fun parts. So upon arriving at the hotel I wanted to go straight to my room dump my stuff and head to the pool and relax a bit after the long drive BUT my bridesmaids, bless them, had other plans. They said my room wasn’t ready yet and they had to go sort it out.

When they came down to tell me it was ready I shot up there like a whippet.

It was so nice! They’d put a banner on my door and in my room over my bed. There were balloons and confetti and Serena had made me up a hen hamper. It was so cool and included things like a bottle of bubbly, sweets, chocolate, bubbles and a garter. Also, on the side table was my very own Hen straw, saucy playing cards and a shot glass. It was brilliant because I didn’t know they had planned that.

After this we headed for a quick dip in the pool, we all wished we could have stayed there instead of going to the class but off we went. Now I will tell you this, Taxis in Oxford are a NIGHTMARE, there were 9 of us so we needed a minibus or 2 cars. We told the taxi firm this but they only sent 1 car, then they sent another. Get this, Lesley had to go in a third car so 3 cars for 9 people it was ridiculous.

leo burlesque

leo hen doAnyway Burlesque class was fun but I was pretty nervous however, the minute my cousin Danielle heard the songs she had us all in fits of laughter dancing around shaking her booty. At one point I laughed so hard I snorted sounding like a pig! We all picked up the moves really quickly and finished a lot earlier than we thought.

Another awful taxi journey back and it was operation glam in full effect. Yep it was time to apply the make up and get glammed up. What do you think ladies, enough sparkles? We met in the foyer and it was so cool seeing everyone all dressed to the nines and then what did I spot? Yes, the dreaded willy straws NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! But I was in such a good mood I joined in and accepted my one, we all had one, it was a funny sight. Lesley then gave me the most gorgeous hen banner I’ve ever seen, it was black and I just loved it. It was so me, not bright pink! Thank you Lesley!

Lesley booked us into Prezzo because I love Italian food. When we got there it was a nice long table and then they brought out sparkling Prosecco which, by the way, is really nice. Every time my glass was empty it would magically fill up again it was wicked. Unbeknown to me Lesley had arranged with everyone to get a few bottles and pay for my meal so I’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone. I just sat back at the head of the table and really enjoyed the company. The meal was by far my favourite bit, all my friends and family getting along laughing and telling stories, it was just perfect.

leo mealBut was that it? OH NO it wasn’t! Lesley and my friend Stacey (unbeknown to be me) made Matt take a quiz. For every question I got wrong I’d have to down a shot of their choice. Now I need to make you understand I am a complete light weight so sparkling wine and shots… uh oh! So I got 3 questions out of 10 wrong, I had to do two shots which were called lemon chello –  oh my god they were disgusting, really thick and just plain horrid. My other forfeit was to stand up in the middle of the restaurant and do the running man. Yes I had to just get up and dance in a room full of people.

I was kind of in shock at first but then thought oh sod it here goes. I got up and did it and had the whole place cheering and asking for an encore it was so funny.

After the meal we headed to the Lola Bar and there we stayed. We had a few cocktails, a bit of dancing and then headed back to the hotel. The bar was great but really smokey in there and my feet were killing me. I was feeling pretty rough when we got back and ended up being sick and staying up all night wandering around my room. My poor mum who had to room with me thankfully slept through it all.

And yep, I was the only one who was sick!

It was kill or cure by the time breakfast came around. My mum got up early and came down with me, we must have had about 4 pots of coffee between us and a gorgeous cooked breakfast which helped make me feel better. Me and mum were packed up and ready so we sat relaxing in the reception or should I say nursing a cracking headache in reception while my mum was perfectly fine. After everyone had joined us we just sat down chatting before everyone had to head off.

And that was my Hen Do Story. I’d like to say a massive thank you to all my hens, a special thanks to my bridesmaids Serena and Lesley the thoughtful touches were amazing and Lesley for keeping us on time and in the right place. A special thanks to my mum for keeping me sane and not letting me drink too much! Also, my gorgeous cousin Danielle who was honestly the life and soul of the party, you officially get funniest women!

Everyone is different so what you want to do for your hen do will vary. If you do go for a package like I did remember that you get hardly any down time and have to stay on a strict schedule. Maybe try not to fit too much in the day. In hindsight, I’d have not gone to the class and relaxed in the hotel, had a few treatments because the pool was great and then gone for the meal giving everyone more time to get ready.

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