The Hidden Impact of Divorce on Business

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‘New Year is the prime time for couples to consider divorce or separation’ HMS Courts Justice.  

Laura Rosefield, founding partner of The Divorce Consultancy asks,“With almost 50% of marriages now ending in divorce (the percentage is probably higher in the professions).

Can employers really ignore the impact of divorce and separation on their business?

Studies in America* have concluded that relationship-related stress costs employers about $300 billion annually. It is therefore crucial for employers to acknowledge the relationship between the emotional and   financial stress of divorce and lost productivity, and that the inevitable decline in service results in client dissatisfaction and potential loss of business. The need to support employees during such stressful times is not a luxury but a business essential.”

So does your company have a policy in place to help staff deal with the emotional trauma of separation and divorce, and in so doing reduce the risk to your business?  If not, this is simple and easy to correct by engaging a divorce consultant.

A divorce consultant is someone who can listen to the employee’s concerns and who has the experience to talk through options in an unbiased manner. Someone with the expertise to make recommendations as to separation or divorce and understands the alternative processes for achieving this, such as mediation, collaborative law or the full legal process. If the employee decides to go ahead with a divorce, the divorce consultant will help identify suitable lawyers for the particular circumstances of their case, help the employee interview those lawyers and choose who to instruct. The divorce consultant will then continue to assist the employee by preparing the employee for and supporting the employee at their lawyer meetings.

The benefit to the employer in engaging a divorce consultant to help their key employees includes:

  • Minimising the likelihood of lost productivity
  • Minimising the likelihood of unhappy clients
  • Reducing the impact of stress on work in hand
  • Fewer working days lost through stress related illness

A divorce consultant can provide the advice and support the employee needs in the early days of separation, ensuring that priorities are understood and undertaken.

As a result the employee is able to focus more effectively on the day to day aspects of their job.

A divorce consultant is not a counsellor or coach, their work is of a more specialised and practical nature. The divorce consultant will deal with many of the time consuming tasks inherent in divorce such as helping compile the figures required for the exchange of financial information between the divorcing parties, formulation of evidence by way of initial drafts of statements and even preparing and agreeing children’s contact schedules and any chattel schedules. There are a whole host of tasks that the divorce consultant can undertake relieving the pressure on the divorcee and saving them money because the divorce consultant charges much less than the employee’s lawyer.  .

Founded by Laura Rosefield and David Margo, The Divorce Consultancy is a service designed to support the individual, alleviating stress, saving legal fees and minimising the detrimental effect on your business.

The Divorce Consultancy evolved from the personal experiences both in the legal profession and the personal lives of David Margo, a former solicitor and Laura Rosefield, a former barrister. They ease the pressures on the individual staff member by providing consultation, advice, liaison and such other support as may be needed, thereby allowing the employee to concentrate more fully on their working day.

Former lawyers, David Margo & Laura Rosefield are the founding partners of The Divorce Consultancy which manages clients through the divorce process making it less stressful and less costly.

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* Life Innovations Study  “Marriage and Family wellness: Corporate America’s Business?”

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