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From the get go me and Matt knew we wanted a honeymoon to rival all the other holidays we’d ever been on. We saw it as the one time we could spend whatever we wanted and be able to justify it at the end. We knew that when the little ones eventually come along we wouldn’t be able to afford a holiday like this so we went for it hehe.

So we booked the honeymoon shortly after booking the wedding venue around the end of 2011.

We were hoping to get a cheap last minute deal but if you have learned nothing else during my little tale it has to be that I do not do last minute very well.

I am a seasoned planner/organiser. I plan everything 6 months to a year in advance sometimes even planning out my entire year. It’s not the best trait to have trust me I know but sometimes it has its benefits and this was one of them. It meant that we had time to save and book our perfect honeymoon.

While we were looking at options we saw so many places that we wanted to go to and so I panicked. Thinking if we held out and waited to book a few months before the wedding yes we’d save money but we might miss out on our favourite island choice. I remember sitting there with Matt having this conversation, I was actually standing while he sat quietly listening to me, or to the football game that was on hehe. Either way there was definitely a conversation somewhere in there even if he just nodded his head. So we looked and looked knowing already we wanted to go back to Maldives having been three times already we wanted to go one last time.

So after a bit of umming and ahhhhhhing we picked Coco Palm Bodu Hithi and my god did it live up to and surpass every single expectation we had. I have to give the hubby some credit here as he brought it to my attention.

So it’s the day after the wedding a Saturday. We had sooooooo much to do that day but bless Matt he had a bit of a hangover and had a long lay in.

Me on the other hand was super hyper. We got married on the Friday and I never actually went to bed the excitement and adrenaline just wouldn’t let me go.

So at a reasonable hour I went to see my mum, burst into tears of joy when I got there hehe but had a lovely time. When I got back me and the hubby dashed into town to buy a few last minute bits like a brand new camera (my new baby) courtesy of our amazing generous guests thank you thank you thank you x. We didn’t get much sleep that night either, we went to bed very late still packing and sorting out our Rabbit Mohawk.

On Sunday after the normal plane journey etc etc we arrived at our destination – Male Airport. The heat really does hit you as soon as you come off the plane, it was raining heavily in England and cold but here the sun was shining.

Right getting to the island, First of all we had only ever been in sea planes which I detest fearing for my life the entire time.

This time it was a speed boat as the island was closer to the main land. It was a really nice start to our holiday as we came off the plane and pretty much went straight onto the boat no waiting around like we had to do before. The boat journey was really fun and it was nice getting a good view of the surrounding islands but I have to admit I wanted it to hurry up, so impatient aren’t I.

When we arrived I had that lovely little excited feeling in the pit of my tummy and I couldn’t stop grinning. We were welcomed by a group of people who worked on the island including the head honcho which I thought was a lovely touch. They were all smiles and happy faces but all I could do was watch my gorgeous hubby. The thing about Matt is he doesn’t get hyper about holidays like me, he’s very calm and cool.

But the minute he gets there completely different ball game. His whole face comes to life, he acts like a little boy getting his first bike and you just cant help smile and laugh with him. Me I’m hyper from the minute the alarm clock goes signalling its time to get ready to leave for the airport haha.

Anyway so we arrive and get a great welcome, Matt does his usual hyper boy act and I cannot believe its finally here. The water is sooooo beautiful and so clear I always just want to jump right in. I adore snorkelling and honestly if I had my gear ready I would have been right in there. But we were good. We waited, check in went very smoothly and then we got led to our room.

OMG doesn’t quite cut it I’m afraid.

You know when you see pictures but when you see the subject in real life it can be a let down like some hotels have amazing photos on their site but in fact the rooms are crappy? Well this was the one time I found the photos actually didn’t do the room justice. It was MASSIVE I felt like some kind of movie star and of course got teary. Matt just stood there with his mouth wide open in awe. The lovely lady who showed us around kept giggling at us. They’d even laid out happy honeymoon and a heart on the bed in flowers.

When the lady had left we both looked at each other and just hugged for ages while jumping up and down.

Then I got in the bath to see how big it was but Matt as I knew he would just went out into the garden bit and got in the pool. He said he would do that the minute he got there and he didn’t let me down. One of the things he requested with the honeymoon was a villa with a pool. I wasn’t sure at first we could pull it off but we did hehe.

Check out my blog next week for the next segment of my honeymoon tale.

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