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honeymoon2-slideAfter we spent a bit of time settling in it was already time to get ready for dinner. So I threw something casual on and off we went for our first meal. We were pretty hungry at the time and as it was our first night we didn’t know what to expect. We choose a table on the deck it was so romantic with the water a stone’s throw away and the lights from the pool area sparkling. It’s quite humid in the Maldives but there was always a nice fresh breeze in the evening.

The restaurant area was quite big as were the buffet sections. There were chefs lining the buffet tables offering up 2-4 specials a night. We were gob smacked. They had an array of beautiful fruits, soups, salads, cheeses and that’s not even the good bits. On top of the specials they had loads of other dishes such as curried lamb, beef, chicken, garlic and prawn soft shell crab – the list goes on hehe. In fact the choice was so big I don’t think we ever tried everything.

They had one whole section for the desserts but I didn’t think I’d ever go there as I’ve not got a sweet tooth but freshly made sorbet and ice cream? Who can resist.

So with our bellies well and truly full we went back to our villa and watched a dvd before going to bed. I always find it difficult to sleep on holiday, in fact sleep eludes me even at home due to insomnia but it’s even worse on holiday. It takes me a good few days to get used to new places so I tossed and turned for a few hours before giving up and getting out of bed. Matt bless him was sound asleep. The sun hadn’t risen yet but it was quite light outside so I decided to have a coffee on the deck and watch the sun rise.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so at peace, the sounds of the birds and the smell. It’s hard to explain that mixture of exotic flowers and the ocean it’s a beautiful combination.

So I’m sitting there in the robe they’d given us and stared out to sea. After about an hour I was itching to get in the water but still the sun hadn’t risen so I had to wait. I read a bit of my book and then decided to take a quick walk. It felt like I was on a deserted island no one else was around. I took my shoes off and just dug my toes into the soft sand and walked up and down the beach. I sat on the jetty for a while as well watching the fish.

When the sun finally did rise it was breath taking. The colours of the sky were extraordinary it was like something out of a dream.

A while later Matt woke up and we headed to breakfast which again was full of different choices. I pigged out big time thinking it was best to fill my tummy now as we only got Breakfast and Dinner in our package. The island doesn’t actually offer All Inclusive which is a shame as its not cheap but for once we didn’t care about that side of things.

As soon as we got back I ran to get changed into my bikini.

I’d waited long enough for this moment and nothing would stand between me and the water. I felt like a mermaid having been out of the water for too long. It was warm and clear. Donning my snorkel gear I was off, it felt like coming home.

My family call me the water baby because I just love it so much, kind of funny my new surname is Mrs Fisher don’t you think hehe. I’ve been snorkeling and diving before but on this particular spot the snorkeling was amazing. You didn’t even need to dive to see sections of coral, it was everywhere with every type and colour of fish you can imagine. I think I spent about 2 hour’s snorkeling on that first day. I remember having to swim out quite far to reach the major section of coral where the drop off is and where the bigger fish reside. I get a tad nervous here as the colour of water goes from light blue/clear to dark blue and you can’t pierce it. I always have these little moments where I think is a shark going to come at me? But I always ignore these thoughts and end up going further than perhaps I should but I’m a very strong swimmer so I did anyway. I swam around the coral going past the drop off, it was incredible. There were these giant parrot fish following me at one point.

There were tons of Nemo’s and Dory’s (for those Disney fans among you hehe). What I loved was being able to swim over the top of the coral it was only a foot or so beneath me but you get to really see everything properly.

After an amazing snorkeling session me and matt took a walk around the island checking out the spa area and just enjoying being in the sun. We lounged around the villa for a bit after but most of the time we sat out on the sun chairs catching some rays. When it was time for dinner we headed off and got to sit in the same spot as we did the nyt before. It was another beautiful warm night so with a bottle of beer and a belly full of food we just sat there chatting away.

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