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If you’ve never been to the Maldives but are looking for a relaxing time surrounded by beautiful scenery and lovely people then this is definitely a destination to consider. It truly is a magical place, all the islands offer something a little different but all in all you get spectacular food, snorkelling, diving and service.

So the next day we woke up early and grabbed a nice hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, toast, sausages and freshly squeezed fruit juices. I was a big fan of the juicer people, this one man was so nice he remembered my choice of Apples, carrots, Melon, a hint of ginger and lemon juice. So every time I went up there I was greeted with a big smile and my drink already done as he had seen me enter.

I felt like a celebrity hehe.

After breaky we went back to the villa, after a quick change we headed out to the garden/beach.

It’s surreal when you class your garden as the Indian ocean but that’s exactly what it was.

We had a great snorkelling session and saw some sting ray and a few baby sharks as well but as yet no turtles which are my favourite. After snorkelling we chilled on the beach soaking up the rays.

We’d booked a spa treatment for the afternoon. It was really quiet and relaxing in the spa centre there’s a sense a peace there with soft music playing. While we waited to go through we laid on a day bed facing the sea. The sun was shining bright but we were covered by a small canopy. We almost fell asleep it was so comfy.

Then we got called in.

Now I’m not going to lie I find spa’s a bit nerve racking as you have to get naked and I’m not a big fan of my body.

In fact I’d be very happy with just my hubby seeing it and no one else but it was a couples massage and if matt was willing to bare all I couldn’t be a big wuss and not do it could I? They covered us with a thin sheet. First we had a massage with some fab smelling aromatic oils, it was a full body massage. I asked for low pressure but as always I did find it hurt in some places such as my shoulders.

Matt on the other hand was dribbling and half asleep hehe.

After the massage they gave me a salt and apricot body polish which was heaven. The smell of the salts and the low low pressure massage they gave me was gorgeous. There were squares cut into the floor so we could see the sea and the fish when face down on the table. Matt had a body exfoliation with tiny grains of sand and oils.

After this they left us in the room with a hot bath with fresh flowers and herbs scattered on the surface. We had a quick shower to rinse off the salt and sand and then dived into the bath. With a special cocktail served in a coconut it was simply heaven.

The views were amazing, I could have happily sat there all day. Matt bless him got bored at one stage and decided to cover me with the flowers which was quite funny hehe.

Once we’d rinsed off from the bath they gave us a moisturising rub down and then we were free to go. Donning my bikini as quick as lightning we headed back to the villa to get ready for dinner. They had some free entertainment that night ‘Cinema under the stars.’

I remember saying to matt if they serve Popcorn I’m never leaving.

Well guess what hehe they served me home made SALT pop corn my absolute favourite. I was giddy and very hyper. Matt bless him managed to get me 2 pots of it as he doesn’t like it. Coupled with Corona Beer and a wedge of lime I was over the moon.

When we first arrived there were hardly any other people around so we actually got the best seats in the house. There was 4 sun beds available or bean bags. We picked the sun beds. They had these funky balls of light scattered around and it was just an amazing effect as the sky was clear of any clouds and the stars twinkled. They seemed so close as if you could reach out and touch them.

We were lucky as the film choice was Iron Man 2 and although we’ve seen it we love the film. We sat there watching the film on a massive screen in the middle of the Maldives under a beautiful night sky.

I will never forget that moment it was one of the highlights of our honeymoon.

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