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The next day we spent most of it on the beach sun bathing or should I say Matt was sun bathing. I was snorkelling in the water trying not to tan too much. You see the thing is I tan extremely quick and I bet some of you are thinking that’s great and perhaps a tad jealous? Well its not great I go super dark rather than the nice sun kissed effect I want hehe.

So I’m diving around in the water chasing after fish and Matt is soaking up the Rays.

As part of our honeymoon package we got a free sunset cruise thrown in. We had a quick shower and off we went to the jetty. It was really warm but with a nice soft breeze so it wasn’t too hot. We waited for our boat along with a few other couples. When we got on the boat we were given a glass of 2006 Chardonnay which I found very strong and for a lightweight that means one glass and I’m already tipsy. So were sipping wine and being served gorgeous canapés by the boat staff while circling around the island. The views were so beautiful and it was really quiet and peaceful.

Now on my 2nd glass of wine I was starting to wish I’d joined Matt on having lunch earlier but silly me had thought I’d just have a big dinner not realising we’d have wine.

At one point I had 2 glasses of wine in my hand as Matt was using the camera. I was chuckling away while sipping from both glasses, Matt just grinned and shook his head at me hehe. Anyway as the sun started to set I grabbed the camera ready and waiting. I think I missed a few shots because the view was just so amazing.

I had my mouth open for a while just staring and hitting Matt on the arm making sure he was watching as well.

The sky was a riot of oranges and pinks with the blazing sun front and centre.  With the sea stretching around us uninterrupted it was a special moment and Matt bless him slipped his hand into mine and kissed me on the head.

After the sun had gone down we drifted back to the jetty me half drunk and not walking in a straight line and Matt just laughing at me. I remember trying to show him the pictures on the LCD panel of the camera but I ended up ramming the camera into his face (not hard mind you) but it made me laugh hysterically after which point Matt carried me to dinner.

Its safe to say I was a little drunk that night but no hangover the next day wooooooooooo 🙂

The next installment will be about our night fishing experience and the battle of the sexes. Who can fish better – ME of course hehehe.

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