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Oh the dilemma continued into this week!! What is wrong with me?!!! Anyhow… remember Jamieson from last week – Holding On?  Well, I played strong (it was sooo difficult, don’t get me wrong) and didn’t call!!! I had his business card sitting right on top on my breakfast bar, glaring at me all day and all night and kept on thinking, I owe it to myself and all other Wise Girls in this world to stick to the course here! Ladies, this was more harder than I thought! How do I put it for you to understand, – it was like me seeing an unlabelled Hermes bag and walking away!! 10 times that feeling… The only difference of course is that the quality level of Jamieson’s character is probably less than the value of a Hermes. Got it??

So I started asking around my sincere male friends – and I asked them to be as brutal as they could possibly be! What they gracefully shared with me, was something that I sort of imagined was the case but have always discarded it as being superficial. But the honest truth is, whether I like it or not, it is what it is. Bottom flat out line is that ALL MEN ARE HUNTERS!!. They like to go out find what they want and chase it out till they get their heart’s desire!!

The first thing he looks at, and this one, may rub against many gals here but the ultimate truth is that no matter what I think, for guys, the outward appearance is the ultimate winner! As hunters, guys look at how my beautiful soul is dressed up in my visible body first of all, before they even come down to the brains factor!!! Never mind that I’ve got a great foundation and future and surely never mind that I  won’t be a drain on his resources if we get together, it is all about the looks!! That is the trigger factor for guys. Thankfully (and I am saying this as humbly as I can) I don’t have an issue in that area (well check out my hat!!!) but I used to get so worried that the hunters (guys) could well translate my get together self as  a high maintenance ticket and therefore may not be interested in continuing on but this as I’ve discovered is not the case at all..

Then the ultimate fun is in the bity baty chasing.. the dance aka the hunt!! He will call me if he thinks he wants to ‘hunt’ me!  – In the 21st century? Yes!!! Now as gory as it all sounds, this all makes sense!! Thinking back, it’s not like Jamieson doesn’t know how to reach out to me? He does, 100%. God, he can get my coordinates from the organisers of the event if he wants to, but thing is he is NOT looking for love per say and doesn’t want to hunt!, he probably being here in the City temporarily is looking for a ‘shingding’ and a raunchy one at that (based on his line of conversations, I can so tell!!)  So my friends’ argument was that if I had called him first, the underlying code to him as long as he is concerned is that I am so up for some raunchy shing ding — now call me old fashion,  maybe in another life time but not now that we’re seriously looking for true love!!

Well then, if this is how the hunters dance, I guess I need to learn the steps and then some!!! I’ve got game!!

Oh by the way, remember Mr B (now renamed to Alfie), I bumped into him at a popular downtown bar on Friday, he seemed more interesting this time around… maybe I should give him a second trial??? Well if the above hypothesis holds, I guess he’ll do more than a mere chance catch up!!! Let’s see what happens with him huh?


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