The Irony of the Situation!

Well what else can I say, but on the path to modifying old models and establishing new ones, I find that there is an irony, a funny one at that, with the whole laws of attraction! And it really  baffles me!! Very much….

You remember my initial encounters with Alfie?! Truth be told, he was the most boring of souls when I first set my eyes on him but then I met him again, a couple of weeks ago by chance, and we got talking and talking and in the end, he managed to squeeze another date  with me using a friend  and an investment subject that I am most fond off as his buy in ticket. That would have been his second or maybe third date with me, I think!?  I’ve really lost count now!! Anyhow, fate simply wouldn’t let it be. Probably for my own good!!

As it so happened, I had to cancel our mid week date due to other pressing engagements. I’m a WiseGirl when it comes to dating, business and life. Matter of fact, I practise ‘WiseGirlism’ all around the wheel of life!! So when a client said to me a few days after Alfie arranged his so called date with me, that I (the client) wonna conference call to discuss an ongoing deal at a later time on the date day,  I simply had to nod (up and down) and ask ” what time would suit you best sir”!!! It’s just the name of the game! After all, my precious black hat is not going to pay for the mortgage and fuel right?!!  Now many a women would say,  well you could go on the date with Alfie after the conference call? To be fair, that thought came into my mind but then I thought hold on a minute… gauging by what my guy friends have shared with me so far (and you need to checkin on the ‘hunter’s dance to get the background), if he’s really really really into the date thing with me, he would appreciate my pressing business needs and would kindly reschedule without drama!!!

But he didn’t!! Matter of fact, he totally went silent and he still is silent!!!

The irony of this situation (rolls better when pronounced si-ti-a-tion) is that this is a guy that have been pressing me with text messages (for a while at least) and looked so poppy eyed when I met him again by chance a couple of weeks ago.  Must have been the alcohol he was drinking, I don’t know, but then this comes up and he plays, typical? Oh dear!!!

On one side of the coin, I vowed on my cool black hat  that just didn’t fit in my general universe of the Journey model. Put simply given the lack of butterflies on the first date, and his subsequent dried out texts, he just didn’t make the cut!!  But for some odd reason, I thought, well maybe I am being too hard on him and that I need to give him another go, which I did, with that mid week date and then he ahead and assumes the worst on my part….

But then if I turn the coin on its head, it goes to prove my initial point, high conviction factors, and the Journey model combined, will prevent a lot of disasters down the road!! Because let’s just assume,  for the fun of it, that I pushed and pushed and compromised and eventually got Alfie to date me  a few more times, thing is, he would for the fun, but then his heart wouldn’t be into us and then I would always agonise about whether he really likes me or not!! I can just see that daunting future!!!

Well life is too short for that… speaking of which, I sure do hope he hasn’t been ran over by a car or something… Not that I am wishing for it to be so.. far from it!!! WiseGirls don’t hate!!


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