The Ladies Business Brainstorming Club

When women put their heads together to resolve an issue it is as if they can conquer the world.

Brainstorming is probably one of the most creative methods of solving any problem. It is a very simple way of generating ideas. It happens when a group of people get together to generate new ideas around a specific cause. It is usually done to quickly get the most optimal solution to a problem, which has either been sitting without a solution for a long time or which needs immediate solution due to a crisis.

The Ladies Business Brainstorming Club offers networking with a twist. Not only do you get to network with a group of amazing women, you also get the opportunity to resolve your business or career problems with the support of like minded women.

These powerful facilitated brainstorming sessions will enable you to find solutions to the issues you face in your business or career development. They will also help you to generate new innovative ideas that will help you to achieve the success that you are aiming for.

Meetings take place on the last Tuesday of the month at a central London venue and are for women at any stage of their business, for those looking to quit their jobs and set up their own businesses and for those wanting to progress in their careers.

There will be frequent talks at the events from women who are experts in their particular field who will provide inspiration and offer advice on some of the frequent issues women face in their business or career.

The Ladies Business Brainstorming Club is primarily aimed at women aged 35 and over although women of all ages are more than welcome.

To find out details of the next event visit  or join the Meetup group at

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